How to change your date of birth on Instagram?

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Over the years, social networks have become one of the most used tools on a daily basis. Through them you can advertise some products and businesses that help you make your work more popular.

But this is not the only use that these social networks have. Through them we can keep in touch with our contacts. For example, Instagram allows you to add your date of birth so that on your birthday you can be congratulated by your close people.

Sometimes we do not add our date of birth because we do not know why they are asking us for this information. In this article you will know what this data is necessary for and how to configure it so that it is up-to-date.

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  1. Why does it ask you to enter your date of birth when registering on Instagram?
  2. What are the steps to follow to change your date of birth on Instagram?
    1. With your pc
    2. On Android
    3. From iOS
  3. How to edit other private Instagram data?
    1. Your phone number
    2. Gender
    3. Username
    4. Profile picture

Why does it ask you to enter your date of birth when registering on Instagram?

When creating your Instagram account, adding the date of birth is just as important as setting the language with which you use Instagram . First, this is done to verify that you have a suitable age to create an account since this will allow the platform to know what type of information to show you .

As with Facebook, if you are under 14 years of age it is not possible for you to open an account. This measure is taken since an infant of this age with an account could do improper things or not know how to use it.

The other reason why your date of birth is requested is to notify your followers on the date that you are celebrating your birthday, so these followers can congratulate you.

What are the steps to follow to change your date of birth on Instagram?

Almost always when we want to readjust our date of birth it is because maybe you made a mistake when you created your Instagram account and you realized it much later. Here we will show you how to change the date of birth on your account.

With your pc

From the official Instagram page in your browser you can change the date of birth in your account. For this you will click on on the right side of the screen on your profile picture and after this you will click on Edit profile . From there you can already see and change your date of birth so as not to cause any confusion.

On Android

From the mobile application it is very easy to change the date of birth. In the same way you have to click on your profile photo at the bottom of the screen, here you will also have to touch Edit profile . Then, in Configure personal information, from there you can change the date of birth.

From iOS

If your phone works with the iOS system you can use the same procedure as in Android, since the application does not change almost at all.

How to edit other private Instagram data?

This option is mandatory in all social networks because it is always necessary to change one or another data, since we will not always have the same email or phone number . For this reason, here you will see all the data that is possible to change and how to change it.

Your phone number

In the case of changing the cell phone number you have added to a new one, open the Instagram application on your phone and when you are on the main screen of the application you will click on your profile photo.

Now you will touch on edit profile, then you will have to click on the number you want to change. Here you will have to write down the new number to add and click on the little arrow in the right corner. Together with pressing this little arrow you will receive a numerical code by SMS, enter this code and you will have added the new phone number.


All private Instagram data is configurable. Among these data is the change of gender . You can also change this from the profile edit window. In the editing section, this option is found after your username.

After clicking on this option, you can now change the gender of your profile. In the English language , fifteen pronouns are already available for you to choose the one with which you feel most identified.


This is the first option that is offered to you in the Instagram profile edit. After clicking on edit profile you will click on your username and there you will be able to write the new name you want to use.

There is a list of names for Instagram users that will surely interest you to attract attention in the application.

Profile picture

This is the most important profile setting for all users, no matter what platform we are talking about, since it represents us among our Instagram followers.

To change it, enter your profile in the lower right-hand side where your profile photo is and enter the menu. There you will touch on Account and then on Change profile photo . There you can place the photo you want or take one with your cell phone camera. After choosing or taking the photo, you just have to press Done and you will have already changed your profile photo.

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