How to Compress Image size on phone without Using Applications – 5 tips



Phones are now equipped with a capable camera with results that are not inferior to professional cameras, although there are still shortcomings, the business of capturing moments quickly, HP cameras are reliable. In addition, now the smartphone camera is armed with a sensor resolution that is quite large, even now there are sensors that have reached 108MP.

The problem is that the larger the sensor, the larger the file size of the images produced. Even reach 8MB or 12MB the size of 1 photo file. Of course, this will make the HP capacity to be full quickly. Moreover, if there is a need to send a photo file such as the need to apply for work that requires a new photo with the size normally specified. Now here we need to compress or resize the size of the photo file.

Image Compression
Image Compression

How to Compress Photo Files?

If you want to reduce the size of the photo file on your smartphone, you can use two different methods. i.e., using the application and not using application. Now from the two ways, we will discuss here. So you can choose between the methods we will give.

Compress Photos without Using the Application

Next is a way to compress photos or image files on the smartphone without using an application. Here we will use a website that provides features to compress images easily even without the need to register. Here are some websites that you can use; compress website

Compress photos on phones using Compressjpeg

This website offers services for resizing images. Even users can directly compress files up to 20 jpg and jpeg images at once by dragging the file into the laying area and wait until the process is complete. The result you will be presented with a download in the form of a ZIP file with the contents of the image that has been resized. Very easy right? Please visit the website.



Or you can visit the iloveimg website which also offers the same function which is to change the size of the photo easily. even this website has other features that compress images, change image size, crop images, convert to JPG, photo editors, and other tools. Using this website you can create an account or not. Users can take photo files that you want to compress directly from Google Drive or Dropbox.

How to reduce the size of a photo

In addition to the above methods, we will provide updates on how to reduce the size of the photo easily. In addition to using the application or without the application this update will add the latest ways that we know to be able to reduce the size of the photo. But in this way you are required to use a PC to be able to do it and know a little about editing techniques. Come see!

Using Paint Software

Paint Software
Paint Software

For this one, if you are a PC user with Windows OS, you must already have this software as a default application. You can use this Paint software to easily reduce photo size. Here is how:

  1. First, make sure you are using a Windows OS and open the paint application
  2. Then find the image that you want to minimize by clicking on the file, then open and find the image you want to minimize
  3. In addition to the menu, look for the resize button and click
  4. In this section, you have to fill in the size that will be the result of the photo you want to shrink. Fill in the horizontal as well as the vertical as you wish and click OK
  5. After that click Save AS or use CTRL + S

Using Photoshop Software

Well, if you are not a Windows user, you can use a very well-known software, Photoshop. This software is not only for editing photos but also can reduce the size of the photo very easily if you already know. Now for my friend who wants to try to reduce the size of the photos in Photoshop, you can follow each step below.

  1. First open Photoshop Software first, if you do not have to install it first
  2. Then click the Open menu to select the image you want to reduce in size
  3. Then open the file again, and click the save for web menu and there will be a pop-up window menu. Now using Photoshop, you only need to pay attention to three things, namely Quality, Preset, and image seize
  4. Also, make sure to also use the storage quality “JPG Medium”
  5. Next set the image size for example 1500 x 720
  6. Finally, click Save
  7. Check whether the size of the photo is small if it’s still not enough to try to repeat each step or you can use the other method above.


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