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After reading my guide on how to register on Instagram , you have decided to open your profile on the famous photographic social network and share your shots with other users of the same. Now, you would like to be able to automatically publish the photos, stories and videos shared on your Instagram account also on your Facebook profile . Unfortunately, however, all your attempts to connect the two accounts have not given the desired result and you no longer know where to turn your head. Did I guess? So relax and let me tell you how to do it.

In fact, if you dedicate a few minutes of your free time to me, I can show you how to connect Instagram to Facebook and share posts on your personal profile. Furthermore, I will show you the procedure to link your business’s Instagram account to the related Facebook page also in relation to the possibility of using the Facebook Business Suite tool. Finally, I will show you, in detail, the procedure to set up the automatic sharing of stories and posts from Instagram to Facebook . How do you say? Is that exactly what you wanted to know? So don’t waste any more time and get deeper into the topic now!

Make yourself comfortable, read the next paragraphs carefully and identify the connection solution that best suits your needs. So try to put into practice the “tips” I am about to give you and I assure you that you will be able to connect your accounts of the two social networks in no time at all. At this point, there is nothing left for me to do, except wish you a good read and have fun!


  • Connect Instagram to a Facebook profile
  • Connect Instagram to a Facebook page
    • How to connect Instagram to Facebook from Android and iOS
    • How to connect Instagram to Facebook from PC
  • How to connect Instagram to Facebook Business Manager
    • From Android and iOS
    • From PC
  • How to disconnect Instagram from Facebook

Connect Instagram to a Facebook profile

From the moment you are interested in knowing how to connect Instagram to Facebook let me first explain how to do this with regards to the connection between Instagram and your Facebook profile .

It is, in fact, a procedure that takes a few minutes of time and which is also useful for connecting Instagram stories to Facebook since it allows, consequently, to set up the automatic sharing of Instagram posts and stories on your Facebook profile .

To connect your Instagram profile to your Facebook account , start the Instagram app by pressing on its icon on the home screen of your device and, after logging in to your account , tap on the thumbnail of your profile in the menu in bottom right.

Now, in the opened screen, presses the button (≡) and then select the items Settings> Account> Sharing on other apps and tap on the Facebook entry .

In the new screen that opened, press the Continue button , log in to your Facebook account (if this does not happen automatically), follow the instructions that appear on the screen to configure the Account Management Center from the Instagram app . In fact, if, for example, you have multiple Facebook profiles you will have to decide which one to connect to the Instagram profile  and then presses the Continue button .

Now, press the button on Yes, complete the configuration  and, finally, tap on the word Start sharing on Facebook .

To learn more, I leave you to my guides on how to post photos on Instagram , how to share videos on Instagram and how Instagram stories work .

Connect Instagram to a Facebook page

Would you like to know how to connect Instagram to business Facebook  because your intent is to connect Instagram to a Facebook page you manage? In that case, you should know that you can only do this if you are the administrator of the Facebook page in question.

Furthermore, as I will explain in the next chapters, you can carry out the connection procedure between the two accounts by acting from a smartphone, using the Instagram app for Android (downloadable from the Play Store but also from alternative stores ) and for iOS (downloadable from the App Store ), but also from PC , by acting through the official Instagram website or using its application for Windows 10 and later versions.

How to connect Instagram to Facebook from Android and iOS

If you want to know how to connect Instagram to a Facebook page by acting from Android and iOS , then first, then, launch the Facebook app on your device and log into your account to verify that you are the administrator of the page.

Then press on the icon of the three horizontal lines present in the menu below and tap on the name of your page , then press on the gear icon  and tap on the item Roles of the page : if the Administrator role appears under your name , it means that you can proceed with linking the Facebook page to your Instagram profile .

Therefore, start the Instagram app and, if you haven’t already done so, log in with your login credentials. Pigia, then, on the thumbnail of your profile in the bottom menu to view your profile , press on the menu icon at the top right and tap on the items Settings > Account> Sharing on other apps .

Now, press, then, on the Facebook entry and tap the Continue button and, if you have not yet done so, connect your Instagram account (regardless of whether it is a personal or professional account) to your Facebook profile , as explained in the previous chapter .

As soon as you complete the connection with your Facebook profile, the Facebook pages of which you are an administrator will be automatically identified . Therefore, put the check mark next to the page you intend to link to Instagram and that’s it.

How to connect Instagram to Facebook from PC

To link an account Instagram in one page Facebook from PC , connected first of all to the official Web site of Instagram or make access to your account (regardless of whether it is an account personal or professional ), through the application for Windows 10 and later versions.

Once this is done, click on your profile picture at the top right and press on the Settings item . Now, in the new screen that you see, click on the wording Account Management Center located in the lower left corner.

Then, through the Account Management Center , add your Facebook account by pressing the Add account button to log in to the latter. Then click on the Continue button and, finally, click on the Yes button , complete the configuration , to end the connection.

How to connect Instagram to Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Suites is a free tool owned by Facebook that allows you to manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts on a single screen.

It can be used from smartphones and tablets through the appropriate app for Android (also downloadable from alternative stores ) and iOS / iPadOS , to respond more quickly to messages or comments, as well as to publish and / or schedule posts and stories on Facebook and Instagram . Furthermore, Facebook Business Suites can be used from a PC by connecting directly to its official website .

Having said that, in the following chapters I’ll explain how to connect Instagram to Facebook Business Suites , using the app for smartphones and tablets, but also from a PC.

From Android and iOS

If you prefer to act as a smartphone, for how to connect Instagram to Facebook Business Suites , start the app you downloaded on your device, and log in to your Facebook account with which you are the administrator of the Facebook page previously connected to Instagram .

Once this is done, press on the menu icon at the bottom right and tap on the Settings> Instagram item . Then, in the new screen that is shown to you, click on the Connect account button and, finally, on Confirm , to complete the procedure by logging into your Instagram account .

From PC

If you prefer to act as a PC , you must first proceed by connecting to the Facebook website , to go to the screen relating to the Facebook page that you manage as an administrator and for which you want to make this connection.

Once this is done, in the Manage Page side menu , click on the Settings> Instagram items and then press the Connect account button .

Now, continue by pressing the Continue button , to authorize the connection, consequently logging into your Instagram account , to finish the procedure.

How to disconnect Instagram from Facebook

To disconnect Instagram from Facebook , whether you have connected your personal profile or a Facebook page you manage, all you have to do is log in to your Instagram account (via the smartphone app, from the website or using the application for Window 10 and later) and go to the Settings menu .

At this point, press on the Account Management Center item which is located at the bottom, tap on the added Facebook profile and, finally, remove it by pressing the Remove button from the account management center . Easy, right?

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