How to convert webpage to PDF on chrome

Do you fall under the category of those who finds it difficult to save page as pdf on chrome, saving pages as pdf on chrome is very easy if you know how to go about it, but if you find it difficult still you don’t need to worry because Boldtechinfo got you cover with easy steps to achieving difficult tasks with your android or ios devices.

How to Save Web Pages as PDF in Chrome on iPhone and Android
Converting web pages to the PDF format on Chrome has its uses. Perhaps it’s an interesting article that you want to save offline permanently. Or perhaps you want to share a page with others after making a few annotations and such. Whatever the reason, you aren’t limited to saving web pages as PDFs on desktops. You can also do that on mobile devices.

Convert Web Page to Pdf Iphone Android Featured
If you use Chrome on your iPhone or Android smartphone, then it’s more than possible to save any web page that you come across in the PDF format. But rather than sharing links to any third-party apps or services and converting web pages to PDFs that way, here are few steps require the use of native functionality on both platforms.

How to Easily Download Any PDF on Chrome for iOS
On the iPhone and iPad, Chrome can appear too simplistic. But in fact, it’s chock full of features that make it a blast to surf with. And it also features the ability to seamlessly convert web pages to the PDF format by ‘printing’ the document.

Thus, you may have noticed that Chrome for iOS doesn’t have ‘Save as PDF’ or ‘Print to PDF’ options visible anywhere within its Printer Options screen. Nor does it have a Safari-style ‘Copy to Books’ option.

Instead, Chrome requires that you perform a certain two-fingered gesture to do the job instead. Let’s check out where and how to do that.

Frist all you need to do is to open a web page that you want to convert. Once it finishes loading, click the Share icon to the upper-right corner of the Chrome address bar.

Secondly scroll down the Share Sheet, and then click Print. On the Printer Options screen that shows up subsequently, perform a Zoom In (or Pinch Out) gesture on any preview thumbnail. This action will instantly convert the web page to a PDF file.

Note: Before performing the Zoom In gesture, you can also use the Page Range option within the Printer Options screen to omit unwanted pages from being included within the PDF file.

Thirdly, click the Share icon to the upper-right corner of the PDF file’s preview screen. On the Share Sheet that shows up, either share the file to another app or save it locally.

How to Convert web pages to pdf — chrome for android
If you use Chrome on your Android smartphone, saving web pages in the PDF format is even more convenient than doing it on the iPhone. That’s because the browser has ready access to a dedicated ‘Save as PDF’ option. That option shows up while using the Print functionality of your Android device.

First thing to do is open a web page, and then bring up the Chrome menu (click on the three-dot icon on the upper-right corner of the screen. Locate the Share option, and then tap it.

Secondly click Print on the Share menu. On the preview screen that shows up subsequently, tap Select Printer.

Thirdly select Save as PDF on the drop-down menu. Follow up by performing any configurations that you want, such as selecting specific pages or page ranges for conversion, adjusting the paper size, selecting the orientation, etc. afterwards, click the floppy disk-shaped Save icon.

Note: At times, you may not see the Print option on the Share menu. If so, restarting the device will help bring this option back. Alternatively, resetting the Chrome flags will also do the job, although you will lose any modifications made to them to do that, type chrome://flags into the Chrome address, and then tap Enter. On the screen that shows up, tap Reset All to Default.


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