How to create a YouTube backup of the videos you have uploaded?

Losing information or videos that have been uploaded to a YouTube channel would be catastrophic for the content creator who owns the channel. Therefore, it is always advisable to make backup copies of the content that is added to this platform. Therefore, this article will explain how to create a YouTube backup of the videos you have uploaded.

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  1. What can you do to enable the backup of your videos in the cloud?
    1. On OneDrive
    2. With Google Drive
    3. With iCloud
  2. What is the procedure to save your entire YouTube video collection to the cloud?
    1. To upload them to OneDrive
    2. Using Google Drive
    3. With your iCloud account
  3. How to use Google Takeout to save your YouTube data automatically?
  4. What other data protections should you do on your YouTube channel?
    1. Customize your password constantly
    2. Keep a check on logins

What can you do to enable the backup of your videos in the cloud?

Before starting this backup procedure, you should know how many videos are on your channel . This in order to know what is the exact amount of content that you are going to save in a copy. To do this, you must enter your YouTube account and go to its settings.

On OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud where you can host the backup of your YouTube videos. Similarly, you can upload any type of file. Generally, this storage cloud is used by devices with a Microsoft-owned system such as Windows.

With Google Drive

Google Drive is the most famous and most used storage cloud because it has a high level of reliability for users. In the same way, the storage capacity is high, so it is possible to add a lot of content in this cloud to protect it and create backup copies of all your important information.

Create a folder for the backup,  enter it to press the upload files option. Then select all the videos in your account and wait for them to be uploaded to the cloud, from which you can generate a download link .

With iCloud

In the MAC devices, ie those belonging to Apple and therefore use the iOS operating system do not use Google Drive . In this sense, there is the iCloud, which is the cloud that these devices use, it works the same as that of Drive but for iPhone and MAC devices.

What is the procedure to save your entire YouTube video collection to the cloud?

As there are several storage clouds, let’s take a closer look at how to upload YouTube files to each of these clouds.

To upload them to OneDrive

Uploading files to OneDrive does not involve doing a procedure with high difficulty, as it can be done in simple steps. To do this, you just have to enter this cloud and press the upload files button . Then, the files are selected and it is waited for the procedure to finish loading.

Using Google Drive

To upload the backup to Google Drive, you must open Google and press the button with the squares that appears next to Gmail and Images. There, among the options that appear, it is necessary to choose Drive to open the Google file cloud and access Google Drive . Then a folder should be created that should be named backup.

When the folder has been created, you must enter it and press the right click of the cursor to open an options window. In it, it is necessary to press upload files  and then you must look for the videos that you have saved in the memory of your computer. Then you must click on upload and wait for the process to upload to the cloud.

With your iCloud account

In iCloud the process is very similar to the one done in Google Drive. The first thing to have is to download the file where the backup of the videos is located. That is, the backup of your channel. Then, open the iCloud and in it create a unique and exclusive folder for backup. Finally, you must upload the videos to this folder so that they remain protected

How to use Google Takeout to save your YouTube data automatically?

First, you must copy in the Takeout Google search engine or press the link provided. Upon entering the site, you will find that all the accounts you have will be selected, however you should only leave the YouTube one. Then you must click on the next button.

Then, it goes to another window where you must choose  the type of format in which the file is to be downloaded. Also, you have to set the size of the compressed files, you have to press create file and wait for all the videos that are in your YouTube account to be uploaded to this file, so the process can take a considerable time.

When the upload process is complete, the download button appears, as well as one to send it to the mail and another to upload the file to a cloud. Then, a RAR file is downloaded to your computer that you must unzip to view the videos you have on your YouTube account.

What other data protections should you do on your YouTube channel?

If you are a content creator on YouTube, you must protect your account and channel against any type of failure or problem that may arise. Well, it would not be pleasant if you lose months or years of work because you have not protected your account enough. In this sense, let’s see what other configurations you can do in search of this security.

Customize your password constantly

The channel password should be changed constantly , this in order to avoid theft or attempts to violate your account. This password should be as personal as possible but without putting information that is available to many people.

Keep a check on logins

Another configuration that you must do is to have full control of the logins of your account. In this sense, you can put that to log in to YouTube or Gmail you must add a security code so that other people cannot access your YouTube channel and delete any video or modify the uploaded content.

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