How to deactivate and delete my Triller account?

Some digital platforms have become successful due to their innovative ideas, and unsurprisingly, others follow that model. That is the case Triller, it is an application where you can upload short and entertaining videos. If after a while you no longer want to be part of that community . We will explain what you should do.

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  1. What happens to your data when deactivating and deleting an account at Triller?
  2. How is a user account deactivated and deleted within Triller?
    1. Sending an email to Triller
  3. How long does it take to deactivate and delete your Triller username?
  4. What to do if you only want to delete a video from your Triller account?

What happens to your data when deactivating and deleting an account at Triller?

Triller was initially created as an application to edit videos, in it you can adjust a recording to make it more professional or give it creative touches that make it stand out among others. As a video editor, it is a very complete and easy-to-use platform.

This is very good, it is especially for those who are starting to create their own productions and want to participate in the whole process themselves. For those older, they should remember that previously to make a decent video you had to hire a team to record, produce and edit the content. This could be so expensive that few could afford it.

On the other hand, today there are so many applications to edit videos that any beginner can do it without having major complications. One of the best known platforms in this field is CapCut. With it, a large number of tools are handled that allow you to modify the speed, the volume, add effects such as the mirror, rotate, among other things.

These video editing applications allow the recordings to be transferred to other platforms to be published. In Triller’s case, something special happened. In addition to editing videos, it can now be used to enjoy other users’ recordings .

It follows the same pattern as TikTok, that is, the videos can be recorded and edited to be published on the same platform. Although its success cannot be compared to that of TikTok, we can admit that it is more popular every day and that it is making its own way.

In Triller you have multiple tools that allow you to create particular content , such as: emojis, handwriting, adding music, lightening or darkening the recording, applying effects and filters, overlapping words, changing or removing the sound from a video . You can get some of these functions in applications like Instagram.

One of the things that has caught the attention of many people is that you can videos from this platform without having to register, for some it is an incredible option because you can be incognito on the site without having to belong to its community. The downside of this is that if you want to like it, upload your own material or publish the videos of other users, you need to create your own account.

Registering with Triller is very simple , the truth is that it takes a few minutes and does not require much data. The problem is when you want to delete the account, this action is a bit more complicated. Some may wonder what happens to all the material that has been uploaded by this platform after deleting the account. The truth is that the answer is ambiguous, since it is not certain what happens in this regard. In the case of other applications, deleting the account deletes all your material, but in Triller this issue is not very well defined.

How is a user account deactivated and deleted within Triller?

Some of those who have used this application cannot deny that the simple and fast system to use is very effective, even investing a few hours of your time in it is a lot of fun. Now why do some decide to abandon the platform, if it is so good?

In this day and age, where we are all so privacy- conscious , Triller does not meet security expectations . Taking into account that most of the users of this platform are young people who are just beginning their adolescence, for parents the issue of privacy is an issue that usually worries them.

The truth is that parents are not without reason in wanting their children to leave the community, because Triller within its privacy policies does not provide options that prevent harassment, group pressure or any other means to protect user privacy.

Sending an email to Triller.

In many applications, when you are no longer satisfied with their use, you can abandon them and delete your account with a fairly simple process. In Triller that is not the case, those who have an account on that platform can search in all corners and will not find anywhere a tab with the option to delete the account.

However, this does not mean that you are forever stuck with them. If you are a concerned parent or a simple user who wants to disappear from this platform, you can be happy because the application has a way to delete the account.

On the Triller website you can fill out a form requesting that you want to delete the account . In the form you will have a reason to state the reasons why they do not want to continue keeping the account. In addition, you must add the email with which you opened the account

How long does it take to deactivate and delete your Triller username?

There is no specific time to deactivate an account, what we can tell you is that it can be relatively short time. Once you fill out the form and send them to the technical support of the application, in a few hours you will receive a response indicating that the account associated with your email is no longer part of its community.

What to do if you only want to delete a video from your Triller account?

To delete a video you must enter your account and click on the user icon to access all the drafts and videos uploaded by you . Select the video in question and click on the icon with three vertical dots to open the pop-up window. In this window there is an option to delete, we must press it and confirm the action.


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