How to delete Facebook photos

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Some users upload many photos to their Facebook account, and over time they realize that there are some that they do not want there. In this post we will see how to delete photos from Facebook , be it the profile, the cover or any other photo that you have uploaded.

You will not only be able to delete photos uploaded to your biography or albums, but also delete or remove the photo from your profile, the cover and photos in which others have tagged you. Below I will show you how you can do it in a few simple steps.

How to remove Facebook profile photo

You can delete your profile picture with these steps:

1 . Go to your Facebook profile and click or tap on your profile picture .

2 . In the small menu select View profile photo .

If you want to change your profile picture without deleting it, instead of selecting View Profile Picture choose Update Profile Picture . In this case you can select an image that you have on Facebook or upload a new one from your computer.

3 . Select the 3 dot icon next to your name and choose the Delete photo option .

4 . In the confirmation window that appears, click the Delete button.

How to remove Facebook cover photo

It’s very easy to delete your cover photo:

1 . Enter your Facebook profile .

2 . On the cover photo, choose the Edit cover photo button and select the Delete option .

3 . In the confirmation window, choose the Confirm button .

If you want to remove the cover photo without deleting it:

1 . Click Edit cover photo .

2 . Choose the Select photo option to set an image you already have on Facebook as the cover, or Upload photo if you want to upload a new photo.

3 . Select or upload the photo and click Save changes .

How to delete an album from Facebook

Albums are collections of photos that you have created on Facebook and that are accessible from your profile if they are not private. You can delete an album from Facebook in the following way:

1 . Go to your Facebook profile and select the Photos tab .

2 . Within the Photos section , choose the Albums tab and select the album you want to delete.

3 . Choose the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the album and select the Delete album option .

4 . In the confirmation window choose Delete album again .

That way you can delete an album with all its photos. But remember that you cannot delete albums created by Facebook, such as profile photos, cover photos or “photos uploaded by cell phone”. In these cases, you can still delete individual photos contained therein.

How to delete tagged photos

There are not only the photos that you have uploaded yourself, but also those uploaded by others and that have tagged you. These images are also visible on your profile, if you do not control it. Next, let’s see how to untag on Facebook, so that those images do not appear on your timeline.

1 . From the menu bar at the top of the Facebook page, choose the little down arrow and select Settings & privacy > Activity log .

2 . In the left column, click the Filter link .

3 . Now in the window that appears, select Photos in which you were tagged and click the Save changes button .

4 . The photos you are tagged in will appear in the left column. Select the 3-dot button and choose the Hide from Timeline or Report / remove tag option .

5 . If you chose Report / remove tag, in the next window choose Remove tag or Hide from Bio.

As you have seen, you can completely control the photos that appear on your profile. It is not that difficult to delete a lot of photos from Facebook to clean your image history. Hope this guide has been helpful for you to delete photos from Facebook.

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