How To Disable Facebook contact Sync

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Facebook has an optional option that syncs your phone contacts to their servers. If you don’t like the idea, you can deactivate the synchronization of your contacts with Facebook and delete the ones that have been synchronized .

Possibly you gave the app on your phone permission to sync your contacts on Facebook . In this case, your contacts will be constantly uploaded to their servers. The reason for this is supposedly to make you more relevant suggestions from potential friends.

That Facebook has all the numbers in your phone book and email accounts of our contacts calls for a certain suspicion. And we know how these companies are managed, using our information at will when they want. Here we will see how to deactivate the synchronization of your cell phone contacts with Facebooke on Android or iPhone.

Disable Facebook contact sync

You can always check if this option is enabled on your phone and disable it, if you wish. Here I will show you how to do it for Android and iPhone.

1) Remove Facebook sync on Android

  • Open the Facebook applicationon your Android phone.
  • Click on the Menuicon (triple bar) in the upper right corner.
  • Now click on Settings and privacyand then on Settings .
  • Go almost to the bottom of the page and tap on Media & Contacts.
  • Then turn off the switch next to Continuous Contact Load.
  • Finally, hit Deactivatein the confirmation message.

2) Disable Facebook sync on iPhone

  • Open the Facebook applicationon your iPhone, iPad or any iOS device.
  • Go to the Triple Bar Menuin the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Go almost to the bottom of the page and click on Settings and privacyand then Settings .
  • Again until almost the bottom of the page, tap on Upload contacts.
  • Now turn off the switchnext to the Upload Contacts option and hit Disable on the confirmation message.

How to view and delete my contacts on Facebook

Even if you have disabled syncing on your cell phone, chances are your contacts are already on Facebook. Here I will show you how to view your phone contacts on Facebook and delete them completely.

1. Open your Facebook from any browser.

2. Next, go to the Manage imported invitations and contacts page .

3. Next, click the button that says Delete All , and again click Delete in the confirmation window.

After this, Facebook will show the message that it is processing the contact deletion request. After a moment you will let us know that you have done it and it will be finished.

With this it will be enough to remove the synchronization of Facebook contacts and delete the contacts that were synchronized. Just make sure that when you log into a new device you don’t authorize the sync again.

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