How To Disable Proximity Sensor On Android

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Although many people are still unaware of it, the vast majority of Android devices have a proximity sensor , which is responsible for turning on and off when the screen is close to your face. This basic function consists of turning off the mobile screen and the user cannot end a call or enter other apps while talking on the phone. Here we will explain how to disable the proximity sensor on Android .

This sensor is not usually essential in terms of the functions of the mobile, but it is so that the equipment can function correctly in each of its applications. Also, it will help you to extend battery life, especially if you talk on the phone for many hours a day.

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How to disable the proximity sensor on Android?

This sensor is related to controlling the brightness of the screen, and it is important to always calibrate it in the best possible way. However, if you want to disable this proximity sensor for a specific reason, you can do so without any inconvenience. Next, we will show you how to disable the proximity sensor on Android.

There are many Android users who want to remove or deactivate the proximity sensor of their phone for some reason and currently it can be done, you can deactivate and activate it whenever you want and at any time.

Although it is a tool that can go almost unnoticed, there are users who do not want to have it, especially when they use an app such as WhatsApp Messenger or any other in which when recording or wanting to listen to a voice memo, make a video call among others, the sensor is active and the screen turns off, thus canceling the action in progress. For this and many other reasons, it is sometimes good to disable this feature.

If you are one of the users who want to know how to remove this function from their Android mobile, you just have to carry out the steps that we will explain below:

  1. First you have to enter the ” Settings” or ” Settings ” menu of your phone.
  2. In the ” Settings” menu , you should look for the ” My device ” option , there you have to choose the ” Calls ” option .
  3. After you are in ” Calls“, you have to enter the ” Settings ” menu .
  4. There you will see activated the option ” Turn off the screen while speaking“, to eliminate this function, you only have to deactivate it.

Another way to eliminate or deactivate this function is to go directly to the call app.

  1. You have to press the ” Calls” icon on the home screen.
  2. Then you have to enter the ” Settings” of the application.
  3. After you are there, you will deactivate the option ” Turn off the screen during the call“.

This is how you can disable the proximity sensor on Android. It is good that you keep in mind that this action can only be done in the case of Samsung in the Galaxy s4 or previous devices, from now on this option cannot be changed, so it will always be active.

Steps to calibrate the proximity sensor of your Android phone

Maybe your sensor is not working properly or you just want to make sure everything works with your mobile phone, then you need to calibrate it to make sure. It is good to remember that not all mobile devices are calibrated in the same way , it will depend mainly on the model of the terminal. Also, keep in mind that not all mobile phones can perform this function.

If your mobile does not have its own proximity sensor calibration tools, there are several application options available on Google Play that you can download to perform this function.

On LG G2 phones, you can calibrate this tool by following these steps:

  1. First you have to do is enter the Settings menu of your mobile.
  2. After you are in the ” Settings” menu , you will go to the ” General ” tab .
  3. Then go to ” Movements“.
  4. Now you have to click on the option ” Calibrate the motion sensor” and follow the instructions, and it will only take a few seconds to perform this function successfully.

Best Proximity Sensor Calibration Apps for Android

In case you do not have this calibration tool on your device, you can download some apps to help you carry out this type of action, some of the most recommended are:

1- Quick TuneUp

This app will help you calibrate the sensors of most Android phones as Proximity Sensor Reset is very easy to use. When running Quick TuneUp, it is recommended to place the terminal on a flat surface while the process is running. When done, you will be prompted to reboot the terminal and the calibration will automatically proceed successfully.

2- Proximity Sensor Reset

This application is basically easy to use and allows you to calibrate the sensor quickly and easily. After you have installed and launched this action, you only have to follow three simple steps to complete this procedure: “Confirm to save the configuration”> “If you are a root user”> “Your device will restart”.

Once all this is done, your terminal calibration will complete successfully.

3- Accelerometer Calibration

This application, unlike the others, will only help you to calibrate the gyroscope of your equipment. To use this app, you just have to place your device on a flat surface and run the program, there you will see a red dot that must be in the entire center, if it is not, you just have to press the ” Calibrate ” option . After a few seconds you will be asked to ” reboot the device ” and the calibration process will automatically open completely.

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