How to download and use the new Fidelity online banking app

fidelity online banking app

Fidelity online banking app for mobile phones gives her customers the right to complete numerous transactions from the comfort of their home.

With the newly upgraded Fidelity Online Banking app, users can easily manage their accounts on the go 24/7 and 7days a week. Access to the bank app is convenient and secured

fidelity online banking app

What you can do with the Fidelity online banking app

Below contains the benefits and features of the online banking app of Fidelity bank.

• You can transfer to accounts in any Bank in Nigeria

• You can transfer to your other accounts in exactly one click, no token required

• You can view all your accounts (Current, Savings, Fixed Deposit, Domiciliary and Card accounts)

• You can personalize your profile, change your picture as desired with lovely selfies

• You can maintain/manage beneficiaries for Funds Transfer, Bills Payment, and Airtime purchases

• You can receive In-App messages on new features, quick tips, and promotional offers.

• You can top up your mobile phone or that of your family, friends and other loved ones

• You can pay your bills, such as DSTV, GoTV, PHCN, mobile post-paid bills, SWIFT, Smile, and more.

• You can perform your Fidelity Credit Card repayments

• You can generate account statement

• You can search, book and pay for international and local flights

• You can locate nearest Bank branches or ATM service points

• You can activate biometric/fingerprint authentication for easier login

• More self-services


How to register for Fidelity online app

To completely register for this on your mobile phone, you have to keep the phone number used in opening your account around you, because the bank will send you a code for activation.

  • Install the Fidelity Online Banking app
  • Click on “Sign Up Here”
  • Enter your account number
  • Now, Fidelity will send you the code tied to your phone number
  • You will now create your own unique/desired usernames and password
  • To make your accounts secured and for a future password reset, you will be required to create secret questions and answers
  • In order to complete your sign-up and do transactions, you have to download the Fidelity token app.

You can still complete your online registration from the Fidelity official website.

Anyways, you can only open this account, when you are 16years or above and you have an account with Fidelity along with the bank’s Debit cards.

How to download the Fidelity app

In order to enjoy the app on your mobile phone, you can easily download the online banking app for the following operating system: Android, iOS, and Blackberry OS.

  • Android: Go to Google Playstore  and download/install.
  • iOS: Go to iTunes.
  •  Blackberry: Go to Blackberry app world

Fidelity also noted that only sole signatory business account holders can only use the app, can’t register with your credit cards. If you have any issues during the registration, you can easily contact the Fidelity True Serve on +23414485252 or email


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