How to download VIP Notes

VIP Notes is a Notepad with encryption text and attached files

VIP Notes Features:
encryption AES-256
attachments (will encrypted if enabled encryption for note)
view and edit attached files inside application (text and html, photo)
folders: unlimited nesting (only in full version)
formatting text
password’s input methods ( digital/full/pattern 3×3/pattern 4×4)
quick login (short password/fingerprint scanner/biometric)
clearing data after many attempt to wrong password
separate password for imperceptible data clearing
auto-lock by time
widgets and shortcuts for notes or attached files
icon library (custom icons)
color themes
backup/restore database
support “Samsung DEX”
does not contain advertising
does not require Internet access

limitations of the free version:
you can create only 3 folder
only one attached file per one row
cannot upload custom icons
attaching file: allowed only from camera and gallery
disabled automation (automatically backup and reminders without links to notes)
disabled undo/redo functions
disabled backup/restore direct through other application ( like clouds )
Encryption is disabled by default!
Data will be encrypted using you password
Note encryption is enabling in the note editing window.
The note body and attached files will be encrypted, the note name is not encrypted!
Attached files are encrypted if encryption is enabled for the note they are attached to.


How to download VIP Notes
Each phone has it special store where apps can be downloaded. For android users it’s the Google Playstore and all the user’s needs to do is to go to the search box and typed the name of the particular app and immediately after downloading, you installed and open it to do the necessary things require of you to use the apps, if it requires registration you follow the instruction on your phone screen. While for iOS users tap on the Apps store search for the apps you intend to download and input the password of your Apple ID and proceed to download afterwards installed and followed same procedure given for Android users.

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