How to download Youtube videos without using App

Youtube videos

If you have been wondering how to download a youtube video on your device without using any app, here are few steps to get it done within few minutes.

Replacing “https: // www.” protocol with the “ss”

Below are the steps to use this first method.

  • Step 1: Go YouTube, search for Video you want to download. The youtube address bar will display the URL of the Video.
  • Step 2: In the address bar replace “https: // www.” includin the dot(.) with “ss” after which you click send.
  • Step 3:Immediately, the system will automatically switch your page to the intermediate website to download video, to download videos for free.
  • Step 4: Select the extension of the video you want to download and done you are good to go. see image below.
  • Step 5: Then click download, boom! you are good to go, download and enjoy.

Its all free and no app required.

Method 2: Remove the word “ube” on the YouTube URL you are viewing

  • Step 1: In the address bar delete the word “ube”, then press Enter.
  • Step 2: Immediately you will automatically be switch to the new page. You will be giving two options to download MP3 (Music) or MP4 (Video) format, then select the video quality right below.
  • Then, click Record MP4 if downloading video, Record MP3 if downloading music.
  • Step 3: The video download process takes a while, be patient.
  • Step 4: The file downloading process may either be fast or slow depending on the file size.

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