How to edit my photos within CapCut

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There are many options to make photo videos, whether in app or online , but without a doubt one of the best is CapCut , if you haven’t downloaded it, what are you waiting for? Here we will try to give you a little help when you start using this app, in addition to giving you one or another advice that may be useful when editing this, you will see that your results will be the same as those of a professional.

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  1. What is the way to edit photos with CapCut?
    1. Add the photos you need
    2. To modify the duration of a photo
    3. Audio editing in the app
    4. Animate a series of photos
    5. Add transitions
    6. If you want to put other effects
    7. Use a template
  2. How to save the final result obtained with CapCut?

What is the way to edit photos with CapCut?

CapCut photo and video editor allows you to edit your photos in many ways. Well to start you can not only edit your photos, but also your videos, you can even edit a video from photographic segments. With all this we can already have an idea of ​​the magnitude of the editing tools that CapCut presents as we will see below.

This app has the typical functions of a common editor, cutting, changing the speed, joining videos and photos to it, also going back and forth, but it also has a lot of other more sophisticated functions that other apps do not have, so that make the most of them and have a professional result.

Add the photos you need

If you don’t know which photo to keep to put in your video, put them all, the more photos you put the more chances you will have that your video has more life, here you can place a hundred images, thanks to the fact that this app offers you the ability to compress your creations so that they are not so heavy.

To modify the duration of a photo

This is very simple, you just click on the photo you want, at that moment the image will be highlighted with two brackets, you can drag them from right to left to increase or reduce the duration that that photo will be in the video, very similar to creating a video on TikTok , when it gives you the option to cut, the time to be at the top of the photo will also appear.

Audio editing in the app

Another great option that this app brings without a doubt, just look in the ‘audio’ toolbar here you can choose four options:

  • ‘Sounds’, which will allowus to use music or audio files from our gallery and online through the same app.
  • ‘Effects’, here you can choose between several types of sound effects of different types. This has a list of favorites to save the ones you like the most.
  • Another option is ‘extracted’, this is very useful, since it allows us to choose a video from our gallery to extract the audio that we want to use.
  • Finally there will be ‘dubbing’, with this you can record your voice whatever you want to record, through the microphone of your device.

Once we have our audio or song, we can also modify it by clicking on it, here you can choose the speed, cut and add fragments, choose the volume, superimpose another audio file, until the song decreases the volume at the end of the video as if it were fading, you have thousands of possibilities to let your ideas fly .

Animate a series of photos

This app is designed for editing videos and animated shorts, it is capable of editing recorded videos up to 4K resolution , and it also has a very complete and user-friendly editing interface.

You also have the option to animate your photos, you just have to press the photo you want, from there locate the option of ‘animations’, you can choose between placing the animations at the beginning, at the end and in combo. The CapCut app has a varied list of options for this, and with this many more combinations that you can use to achieve a dynamic video.

Add transitions

Have you ever tried to make transitions on TikTok that look natural? If this is so, you will already know that the process for this is somewhat complicated, but with this app you will no longer have that problem, just click between each photo to enter the option to ‘add transitions’.

Here you can choose between hundreds of options and the duration you want each one to have, it also has the option to ‘apply to all’ so that you do not have to repeat these steps over and over again.

If you want to put other effects

You also have other options, such as adding filters and effects, these can be found in the toolbar at the bottom.

Whichever you choose, both have a great variety to choose and try, in the case of effects, this will give you to choose between two classes ‘video’ and ‘body’. It also has other options to adjust manually, be it brightness, contrast, saturation and various other options .

Use a template

With this app you can use templates to place texts on your photos , you can also choose from hundreds of options, not to mention that you have a wide variety of fonts and letter colors.

How to save the final result obtained with CapCut?

To save your CapCut video you must follow the following steps, the first is to open this application on your device, be it Android OR iOS.

When you are inside you must press the option that says download button when you see this selected, you now have to choose the resolution and fps to conclude and have your video already downloaded, you have to press the option and that’s it; Something you should know is that when you export your CapCut video, it will take time depending on the resolution and fps, that is, your download time depends on the quality of the video you have selected.

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