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CapCut is one of the most downloaded applications for editing photos and videos, it is not surprising how successful it has been, since it is one of the best free apps of its kind. Designed by the same creators of TikTok, this allows us to make creations that seem professionally made, a feature of this is the ability to edit your photos with wonderful options, that if you do not know how to use it here we will explain it to you.

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  1. What do you need on your device to edit photos with CapCut?
    1. Available storage
  2. What is the way to edit the photos in your gallery in CapCut?
    1. Add the photos you want
    2. Edit photo length
    3. Add and edit audio in CapCut
    4. To animate an image
    5. Add transitions
    6. Put other effects in CapCut
    7. Templates in CapCut
  3. How do you save the video you made in CapCut?

What do you need on your device to edit photos with CapCut?

The essential thing is to have the application installed on your device, for this you only have to download it from your application store.

Available storage

The storage of your phone is the memory where all the data , applications, music, images, files are stored , that is, any file on your device. When you are going to download an App you must have a certain amount of this storage available, if you do not have it, the application cannot be downloaded, since there will be no space to enter the new content of the app.

Each phone brings with it a different storage depending on the model , some bring more than others. To see how much memory you have available you can do it in the following way:

  1. Enter the settings of your device.
  2. Look in the options that offer settings and press where it says Storage.
  3. In Internal storageyou are shown how much space you have available.

What is the way to edit the photos in your gallery in CapCut?

This is a new photo and video editor, it allows you not only to edit, but also to create fun videos with your images , as a presentation. Basically, this app has a lot of useful tools and options that will make your ideas fly.

This application not only has the traditional tools of a common editor, changing the speed, cutting the video, adding or joining fragments of other videos and photos or going back and forth in this; but also a large number of easy-to-use options, which you will not find in many editors, all of these you can use for free, so go ahead and take advantage of them to get the most of your potential, with videos that will seem professionally made.

Add the photos you want

CapCut offers you the ability to place a large number of photos, we are talking about hundreds of images that you can place at one time, this is possible thanks to the option to compress the file you are creating, so that it is not so heavy when it comes to download it from the app; So, if you still can’t decide which photos to upload to start editing, because you don’t upload all of them, the more you have, the more possibilities you’ll have to create a video as creative and fun as you want.

Edit photo length

To do this you do not need to complicate too much, you just have to select the image you need to edit, and it will automatically be highlighted by a couple of brackets, which you can move to the direction you need, depending on whether you are going to increase or reduce the duration in that will be visible in the video, this function will be easy to use if you know how to create a video in TikTok , since it is almost identical to this when the option to cut appears, you will also be able to see the time that is displayed at the top .

Add and edit audio in CapCut

This is another wonderful option that you will have when editing, CapCut allows you to add audio and edit it, for this you only have to locate the ‘audio’ option in the toolbar, once pressed you can choose between four options to add your audio:

  • Sounds: Here you can easily choose the audio you want, you can search for them either from the audio files of our device or through the application download the song or audio you want via the internet
  • Effects: In this option you will find any kind of sound effect that you may need, which you can search by lists, you can also save the ones you like the most in your own favorites list.
  • Extracted: A new option, which will be extremely useful for your creations, this allows you to extract the audio from any videothat we have in our gallery.
  • Dubbing: This fun option will allow us to record our voice or any sound thanks to the microphone of our cell phone.

When you already have in your creation all the audios and effects that you added, you can also customize them by simply selecting on them, by doing this you can use various tools to vary the speed, cut fragments and join them, decide the volume that each one will have, superimpose or make transitions with another audio or song, as well as fading the background sound as the video progresses or vice versa, with CapCut you can make thousands of combinations to make your videos more creative and original.

To animate an image

The CapCut app has the ability to edit videos, presentations and animated shorts, with a resolution of up to 4K, with an interface that makes the job very simple , since its design was thought to be as user-friendly as possible for the user, giving the ability to use very complete editing tools. Among these the ability to animate your photos.

In this you can find fun options to animate your images , just by clicking on the desired image a toolbar will appear, there press the option ‘animations’, you can choose if you want the animations to be seen at the beginning, end or a combination of both ; In this option you can find a large number of animations organized by lists, you can combine them as you wish, the limit is the sky with this option.

Add transitions

Previously, open I tried to make transitions in TikTok without having good results, it is an uncomfortable process in which you can only do it in a decent way with other apps apart.

With CapCut this procedure will no longer be a problem , you only have to press the space between each photo, this will open the tool to add the transition you want, you can choose between all the options that will appear, in addition to setting the duration of this, account also with an option called ‘apply to all’, in order to avoid extra work by repeating the steps in each photo.

Put other effects in CapCut

In this application you will also find other options to edit your photos, you can place filters and effects with the tools that you will find in the bar that you will see at the bottom of the cell phone, whatever you choose, these options have a very varied and complete catalog , that you can freely explore and test them to see which one would be the best in your opinion.

If you enter the option ‘effects’ you will have two options to choose from, ‘Body’ to edit aesthetic features, or ‘video’ which will give a great impression to your creation.

Templates in CapCut

This option that CapCut offers you allows you to use templates to place text on your images and videos, here you can also choose from a very complete catalog of fun and animated options, as well as a wide variety of fonts for your text and a couple of options to add color to these.

How do you save the video you made in CapCut?

When you are already doing your work of editing your video in CapCut, you will want to use it on your social networks or elsewhere, for this you must follow the following:

  1. Having your editing completed now you must go to the top of the screen, here the Export option will appear, with this option you would make your video go to another part that is not your editor program.
  2. Then it will give you to choose the type of format you want to use in your file, there are a variety of options, one with a better resolution than another and another may not have very good quality. Choose the one that suits you best.
  3. Press done.
  4. Now you must wait for your download to finish, since it will take depends on the resolution you have established, if it is a very heavy format it will take a little longer.

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