How To Find the Great Deep Reef in Subnautica

This is what you must do to find the Great Deep Reef in Subnautica, the first objective of the game. Survive the accident with our complete guide.After finding a certain Abandoned PDA in the Jelly Caves , our next destination in Subnautica is the last Degasi base . The site is in the Great Deep Reef , and the journey, although easy, will be quite dangerous for the creatures that populate the place.

First of all, you must repair your Seamoth , the previous trip has surely left it in the last. Make sure you have the Recycler, the Underwater Slider , and from now on you will need at least a high-capacity oxygen tank . You have to look for fragments, yes. You should also take a flashlight and two medicine cabinets .


Now that your character is ready, you need the Seamoth with helmet upgrades , to go down to about 500 meters . You will have to search more data boxes near the rescue pods, follow the radio signals. Well, head to Tierra Firme , the island where you found the first recordings of the Degasi. You are looking for this point, just under the rock bridge , go around the island until you find it.

From under the bridge, dive in and go to the bottom . When you go around 200 meters, you will see blue balls of light , bioluminescent sacks. Follow the “path” that they mark you, but always downwards .

If you don’t go too far down from the bridge , you should get to see this huge hole in the rock . There are other entrances to the place we are going to, but this one has seemed the simplest.

Keep going down there. Once you are down in a large underwater cavern, turn off the lights on the Seamoth and begin to slow down . As you will see, there are some creatures that look like octopus, but larger , that are aggressive. You’re looking for this formation, near the center of the cavern .

In order to enter the base , you must go around it and look for this open hatch .

Try to leave the Seamoth on the base, right at the limit of 500 meters of depth , without being detected by monsters. A couple of hits will make your ship look like foxes. Enter through the hatch we have indicated and go straight, around the aquarium and down through the stairwell . You will see that you are in an office, you have an abandoned PDA on the right (# 8 Degasi Voice Input – Taking risks and the orange Tablet on the back table.

Now that you have it, two things can happen . The first is to keep your Seamoth operational . Take it and go the way you came, look up to find a hole in the rock to run through. The second is that the monsters have destroyed the Seamoth . So you’ve messed it up brown. You have to use the slider to get to the surface before you run out of oxygen , or one of the bugs kills you (that’s what we have the kits for, but come on, they won’t be a guarantee of anything).

Back to the surface, whatever it may be, go back to your base to re-prepare everything. Now let’s find out what happened to the Sunbeam .

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