How to fix error 2200 on Sony Bravia TV?

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Owners of Sony Bravia TVs may encounter error 2200, which appears whenever they try to connect to the Internet. Simply put, the TV can simply refuse to interact with any content on the Internet, be it some kind of application or basic surfing the net.

Among other things, along with the code 2200, the following message is also attached:

Configuration failed on connection. An error has occurred. Please try again later. Error 2200.

Ok, let’s now talk about the possible reasons why this problem could arise. As a rule, the following is responsible for the appearance of this error:

  • problems on the side of the user’s provider;
  • problems on the side of Sony’s servers;
  • incorrectly set network connection parameters for the TV or the appearance of a bug in the network connection itself;
  • if the TV is connected to the “web” via a wireless network, there may be problems on the side of the Wi-Fi router;

In general, the error 2200 on Sony Bravia has rather trivial reasons and they won’t make you scratch your head. According to the reasons, there are a number of effective methods that can fix the problem. Let’s take a look at them.

Methods to solve error 2200 on Sony Bravia TV

  • Reboot the TV. The most rudimentary yet effective method on our list is to reset your Sony Bravia TV. If you encounter error 2200 on your way to the Internet, then you should not immediately panic and try to do something unrealistically difficult to solve it. To get started, just try restarting your TV. Yes, a banal advice, but some owners sometimes forget to perform such a simple action at the beginning.
  • Connect TV with cable / restart router. Many users on the network claim that not all firmware for Sony Bravia works well with wireless connections: the TV can spontaneously disconnect from the network, access the Internet every time, etc. etc. Try connecting your Bravia with just a cable from your ISP if you’ve used a wireless network shared by a Wi-Fi router before. Also, do not forget to reboot the router itself, as the fault may lie entirely with it.
  • Resetting your Sony Bravia TV. Ok, you tried to do all of the above – it did not give any result. What to do in this case? Well, in that case, we recommend that you try performing a factory reset on your TV, as the reason for error 2200 on Sony Bravia may be incorrect settings or software bugs. To reset to factory settings, you need to do the following:
    • press the “Home” button on your remote;
    • open the “Settings” section;
    • go to the subsection “Storage and reset”;
    • select “Reset to factory settings”;
    • click on the “Erase everything” item;
  • DNS change. In some cases, you can fix error 2200 on Sony Bravia TVs by changing the default DNS server addresses to public DNS servers. To change the DNS address on your TV, you need to follow these steps:
    • press the “Home” button on your remote control;
    • proceed as follows:  Network → network settings / setup → configure network connection → user / expert → wired / wireless setting;
      Note: by choosing the second option, connect the TV to the wireless network of the router via Wi-Fi);
    • then a screen with the parameters of the IP address and proxy server should appear in front of you – select the “Enter the IP address manually” item, saving the already set IP address;
    • after getting to the DNS settings, enter the following information:
      • The primary DNS server is
      • Secondary DNS Server –
    • to the question about using a proxy server, we answer “No”;
    • and finally, select the “Save and connect” item to establish the connection.
  • Updating the TV’s firmware. Well, in the end, you can try to update the software of your Sony Bravia, or, more simply, reflash it to get rid of error 2200. Immediately you need to point out the following: flashing devices, as a rule, is not something extremely difficult, so that even a green novice can handle it. You just need to be extremely careful. Considering that error 2200 on a Sony Bravia TV robs you of the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the Internet, automatically downloading new software and installing it is not a way out of the situation. Therefore, you will have to use a PC and an empty USB drive with at least 2 gigabytes. So, what to perform a software update (flashing):
    • check the installed software version on your TV by doing the following: Home → Customer Support;
    • go to the support section of the Sony website, find the firmware you need for your Bravia TV in the downloads and download it to your PC;
    • insert an empty USB drive into the USB port;
    • extract the folder with the firmware file from the downloaded archive and copy it to the root section of the USB storage;
    • turn on your TV and make sure there are no USB devices connected to it;
    • insert the USB storage with the firmware into any free USB port;
    • then press the “Home” button on your remote control;
    • proceed as follows: Installations → Customer support → Software update;
    • select “USB”;
    • then you just need to follow the instructions that will be displayed on the TV screen;
    • as soon as the software update process begins, an orange LED on the front panel will light up, which means that you should not interact with the TV under any circumstances;
    • at the end of the update process, the message “Firmware update completed” will appear on the screen, and then the TV will reboot;
    • as soon as your Sony Bravia starts up again, remove the USB storage from the USB port;
      Note: Westrongly recommend that you run the installed software check again to make sure that the flashing was successful. Try networking on your TV and see if the 2200 error has been resolved.
  • Just wait. So, if you tried all of the above, but nothing helped, then we only have the following: Sony servers are currently experiencing some difficulties, and in the case of this option, you just need to wait for the situation to be resolved.

We hope this article helped you deal with error 2200 on your Sony Bravia TV.

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