How to get your post approved instantly on Opera News

steps to make money on opera news hub

How to get your post approved instantly

It is worth knowing that not all content submitted on Opera News hub will go live. Some are rejected or completely banned from the platform if found against the terms of use of the service.

So, if you want your post to get published instantly, you have to ensure you don’t involve yourself in any of the following practices:

Copyright violation

Opera News frowns at plagiarism.

If you want to make money on Opera News hub, you can’t steal other people’s intellectual property and think you will make money with it.

All your content MUST be original as much as possible. While you’re doing your research, avoid doing “cutting and pasting”.

Always study your sources very well to develop your own ideas.

Avoid clickbait titles

In blogging, we are all used to power words and emotional terms that can add positive or negative sentiment to our title.

All these are believed to be clickbait.

But unfortunately, Opera News doesn’t want authors to use clickbait of any form in the post title. If found in your title, it may cause your post to be rejected or delayed.

So, if you don’t want that to happen to you, endeavor to avoid the following terms in your title whenever you’re creating an article on Opera News hub:

  1. Unbelievable
  2. Surefire
  3. Mind Blowing
  4. Life-changing
  5. Jaw-dropping
  6. Shocking
  7. Surprise
  8. Must watch
  9. Crowd goes wild
  10. OMG
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