How to hide text message on Android 2021

How to Hide Text Messages on Android 2021


Am sure you are reading this because you want to know how to hide text messages on android. Hope i guessed right? well that that was not a guess i just knew you either want to know how to find hidden text messages on android or other wise.

I understand privacy is very important in every circle of life and in everything we do. It is very very annoying whenever someone grabs your phone and jumps to your inbox for reasons you can’t even tell.


How to Hide Text Messages on Android
Even though you are clean you it is not still right for someone to just jump to sms just be cause they want to. Deleting massages is not also a solution because you will definitely forget to delete someday.

The best way to How to hide text messages on android and avoid problems is why this article is written. Everything you will learn in the article is free just download the apps and get started.

Either ways, in his article you will learn about app to hide texts and calls android and hide text messages app. You will also learn how to hide text messages on android lock screen and from girl friend.

How to Hide text Messages on Android Without App
Here are some simple tips and tricks you can use to hide text messages on android phones without third party apps. This method does not need you downloading any third party apps all is done with default apps.

This are methods to hide text messages
Mark Sender as Spam
Encrypt Messages
Disable pop-up and Messages Preview on Lock screen
Archive text messages
Use App Freezer
Use Private Message Box
The following methods have been proven to be very effective in hiding text message on android devices. I will show you how to go about all the methods one after the other.

People hide messages for different reasons, maybe from your girlfriend, your parent, from surprises. For message i cheat sometimes so i hide my bank statement text message from peoples eye so that nobody can know how much i have in the bank.

Lolz where waiting for me to say i cheat on my girlfriend, oh sorry you won’t here that from me. I don’t cheat the way you think but if you are cheating i will help you with app to hide texts and calls android to save your ass from getting caught.

Now lets go into the main reasons why you are reading this article. In the next paragraph so site tight pay close attention as you read and understand this article.

Mark Sender as Spam How to Hide text Messages on Android
Making a particular contact as spam is a good method to hide text messages on android. This was my favorite android default extension to hiding my little secrete from the world.

This method although is not available on all android phones above the android 5.5 Lollipop. But if you are lucky and your phone, has this functionality then lets get started.

The method is simple and it does not actually need any technical skills to get it done. Just follow the guide below to get started and mark someone as spam today

Head to your phone default message app
Tap on the app to Open it
After opening it, look to your top left corner
You will see a 3 dots (…)
Click it for options
You will see the option that says mark message as spam
Now click the option and the sender you want mark as spam
Voalaaaaaaaaaaa that was simple right? yes it was and you have just successfully added one person to spam. I guess you are thinking of how to read the message secretly now right, i will teach you that too.

When you want to read any message sent by the person, just go to you message and select spam message, all your sms chats will be there. The only bad side of marking as spam is that anyone that knows this trick can still access your messages without permission.



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