How to Hide Text Messages on Android Lock Screen by Disabling

How to Hide Text Messages on Android Lock Screen by Disabling


To be able to do this all you need to do is follow the instructions below

Open your Android Settings
Go to the Privacy section
Look for the option that says On lock screen. Tap it, and select Hide sensitive content
If you’re running previous Android versions, go to Security & Location under settings
Tap on the Lock screen preferences under the Device security section
Now, click On lock screen and select Hide sensitive content
It will hide the message preview on lock screen, and nobody will be able to read your private texts without unlocking your phone.

Archive Text Messages How to Hide Text Messages on Android
Archiving text messages works well if don’t want to delete, spam, encrypt messages. This method does not involves installing any third party apps on your phone, it is by default.

A text messages is more like spamming a sender but in this case you will not be notified of new message. Seriously i will tell the truth is that archiving message is a wise step if you really want to hide text messages on android to how to hide text messages on android.

When you archive a text message it goes to hiding for the main time but comes back out later. When the archived sender sends a new message the old message comes back out, which is not good for business.

If you want archive a text message the guide below will show you the step by step process

Open your default message app
Scroll through your messages
Long press on the message you want archive
At the top you will see an option to mark as archive
Click on the archive option
Automatically the message goes to massage archive file
That was it, you have just successfully archived your first message. If you still have more messages to archive then just follow the same procedures again and you are safe.

Now we have seen various methods to of how to hide text messages on android by default. We have also learn how to find hidden text messages on android all by using default android apps.

Now you will learn how to hide text message on android phone with third party apps. Using third party apps means that we will have download apps either from play store or any app store.



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