How to install HBO Max on an Amazon Fire TV

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The arrival of HBO Max is being the news of the day. Little by little, the renewed platform has been reaching different devices but there is one that resists in Spain. For now it cannot be installed on an Amazon Fire TV or not at least in a conventional way, because now I am going to show you how you can achieve it .

For this you only need an Android phone and two applications installed on the Fire TV that you can get from the same App Store of the Amazon device. You will have to take a series of steps, few of that and almost all from your mobile and in this way you will have HBO Max also on Fire TV.

HBO Max on Fire TV in a few steps

Far from complications that require connecting the Fire TV to a PC, we will only have to access the APK Mirror website from the mobile phone and download the HBO Max application for Android TV from this link . The application will be saved directly in the downloads folder of the phone.

Now we are going to install the Send Files to TV application on the mobile and on the Fire TV in a process that we have already detailed in this article .

It is the application that will allow us to send any type of content from the phone to the Fire TV and vice versa .

By the way and also on the Fire TV, we are going to install a file explorer. For the tests I have used An Explorer but any other that you have installed or that you are looking for in the Amazon application store can work.


How to install any compatible application, via APK, on ​​a TV with Android TV or Google TV, for free and with just one click

These are the previous steps and now everything will go very fast. With these utilities installed, we open Send Files to TV on the mobile and on the Fire TV, marking one as the sender (the mobile) and the Fire TV as the receiver. In the search engine we go to the folder in which we have downloaded the APK of HBO Max and we send it to the Fire TV.

Now, on Fire TV, we exit Send Files to TV and open the browser that we have installed, looking for the downloads folder . There we will see the APK and to install it we just have to click on it and select “Install”.

After a few seconds HBO Max will have been installed and you have to log in to start using it normally as if it were an Android TV.

In this way, it is very easy to have almost any Android application on the Fire TV without effort and with the help of the mobile .

Send Files to TV

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