How to install iTunes on Windows 11

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To install iTunes in Windows 11 we are not going to need to perform miracles, but it is possible and it is not as difficult as it is believed. At Microsoft they know that there are many iOS users who combine it with Windows on laptops and desktops, so they never leave them stranded.

We must differentiate the mobile user from the PC user, and there are many of us who use iOS on the smartphone, but we prefer Windows as the operating system for our laptop or desktop. Well, if you are thinking of moving to Windows 11, or have already done so, we are going to tell you how you can install iTunes and synchronize all your files.

Index of contents

  • iTunes for Windows 11: How to Install Step by Step
  • How to sync iPhone to iTunes with Windows 11
  • Transfer photos and videos from iPhone or iPad to Windows 11
  • Little sense does iTunes make for Windows 11

iTunes for Windows 11: How to Install Step by Step

We can do it in a number of ways, but all roads lead to Rome: Microsoft Store . From the Apple website they will redirect us to the Microsoft Store, which is where iTunes is downloaded. I will not deny that it is not a program that I love, but if you are an iOS user you have to “go through the hoop” (or use third-party programs).

So, you can do it in the following way:

  • Open the start menuand look for ” Microsoft Store “, if you don’t already have it pinned to the start menu.
  • We look for iTunesand it will come out right away (in my case it comes out “open” because I already have it installed).
  • We will have to left click on ” Get” to download it and then Windows will install it automatically.
  • If you have not logged into your Microsoft account, you will have to do so, unless you have to create a new one.
  • Once downloaded and installed by Windows 11, we will have to open start and lookfor iTunes to find it (unless you have it anchored to start).

How to sync iPhone to iTunes with Windows 11

You will have seen that iTunes does not have very good reviews in the Microsoft Store , so we were curious and we have extended the tutorial a little more to analyze its behavior. First of all, let’s see how to sync our iPhone to iTunes in Windows 11, will anything change?

  • We connect the iPhone to the PC via USB. Then, we will have to unlock the smartphone and touch “Trust” because it will ask us if we can trust that PC. If we don’t, iTunes won’t be able to sync with the iPhone.
  • Once done, they will welcome us and we can continue.
  • We will get a pop-up windowthat will ask us if we want to encrypt the backups or not. Here everyone is free to choose what they want, although logically it will be more secure if we have them encrypted.
  • After choosing the option and giving it to start, iTunes and our iPhone will be synchronized, offering us the possibility of updating iOS(which I have done). You can choose where to make the backup copies, be careful with iCloud because you will only have 5 GB, unless

If you get out of that view, to learn more about your iPhone, you have to press the button you see in the image to return to the summary of the smartphone.

I advise against updating the iOS software through this means because it may take longer, especially if you have the router near the iPhone and you can download the update from the phone. In this way, we will first download it to the PC and then it will be copied to the iPhone, which takes longer (except if you have a USB 3.2 Gen 2, of course).

On the other hand, iTunes makes sense as long as it is a file manager that allows us to transfer the content from the iPhone to the PC. In practice, or at least in Windows, files will be transferred from the PC to the iPhone, and not vice versa.

Transfer photos and videos from iPhone or iPad to Windows 11

I have tried everything with iTunes and I have not been able to transfer the photos, captures and videos that I had to the PC through that program. However, I have been able to do it through another: the Windows 11 Photos application .

It consists of doing the following:

  • We open the start menuand run ” photos ” or look for it to run the application.
  • We give this icon to import photos, videos or captures, having to select a «from a connected device» (the iPhone or iPad).
  • Once selected, it will start looking for what can or cannot be imported. In my case, it has done quite well and has offered me the option to import everything (I don’t think I have more multimedia content on the iPhone).
  • You can choose what you want to import, such as the folder where the file in question will be saved.

Little sense does iTunes make for Windows 11

To finish this tutorial, I want to criticize the little use I have obtained with iTunes , a supposed music and video player that most Windows users use to synchronize Apple devices.

Nothing is further than reality, I had to resort to a Windows application to be able to do all the management. The only utility that iTunes has is that it allows us to see the general status of the phone and to be able to make backup copies or update it. However, downloading a specific application for it … makes no sense to me.

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