How to lock & Unlock SIM Card

How To Lock/Unlock Sim Card Mtn, Airtel, Glo, And 9Mobile


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It’s better to lock your SIM card now and be safe. Since the password luck on your phone doesn’t protect your SIM card nor the filesystem encryption, it will be better to lock your SIM card. The best way to protect your SIM card is through the card PIN.

Every SIM card whether MTN, Airtel, Glo or 9Mobile comes with a default PIN which is usually 0000. Another is a PUK PIN which is the unlock Key. You’ll only need the PUK is you’ve attempted to do a SIM PIN Lock, and you fail to guess the original PIN.

So before you try to lock your SIM card, it’s advisable you log in to your mobile account and retrieves your PUK number. You can always get back your PUK number on the SIM pack housing your SIM. These packs contain a unique number you can use to unlock your SIM.

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How To Lock/Unlock Sim Card Mtn, Airtel, Glo, And 9Mobile

How to retrieve your PUK & PIN Number on MTN, Airtel, Glo, And 9Mobile

The best way to retrieve your PUK number is to reach your network provider. You should put a call across them and let them know that you want to retrieve your PUK number to unlock your SIM card.

However, you can also use the same method to retrieve your SIM card PIN. I used the method to get back my SIM card PIN. They will ask you some questions which include your dates of birth, mother’s name, last amount recharge on the SIM and many more.

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If you answer the questions correctly, your PIN will be sent to you via Message. It’s pretty simple though. Below is the contact list to connect with your carrier provider.

For MTN PIN & PUK Number

For those that have forgotten their PIN, you should contact MTN. However, if you want to retrieve your PUK number you can do that with the MTN mobile app. Download it from the Play Store, login and go to my profile, you’ll see your MTN PUK number display.

Dial 180 if you’re calling with MTN number. When the call connects, press 1960 to speak with MTN customer care agent directly. If you’re calling from another network, dial 08031000180 and if you’re calling outside Nigeria, dial +2348031000180.

For Glo PIN & PUK Number

Dial 121 or 200 if you are calling from Glo Network. Dial 08050020121 or 08050020200 if you are calling from another network or 2348050020121 or +2348050020200 if you are calling from outside Nigeria.

For 9mobile PUK & PIN Number Recovery

Dial 200 if you’re calling from a 9Mobile number or dial 08090000200 if you’re calling with another network in Nigeria.

For Airtel PUK & PIN Number Recovery

To get back your Airtel PIN or PUK number, dial 111 from any Airtel line or dial 08021500111 if you’re calling with another network in Nigeria. Add +234 if you’re calling outside Nigeria which will then make the number to look like this +2348021500111. After getting your PIN and PUK number, you can proceed to lock your SIM on your Android phone.

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How To Lock/Unlock Sim Card Mtn, Airtel, Glo, And 9Mobile

How To Luck MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile & Glo SIM Card

Step 1: Go to Settings
Step 2: Tap on the More (Additional Settings on some Android phone)
Step 3: Tap on the Security (Privacy on some Android)
Step 4: Then tap Set up SIM card lock (SIM lock on some Android)
Step 5: Set up SIM card lock
Step 6: Enter the default SIM PIN (PIN you recover from your network provider)
Step 7: Tap OK

Once you have set-up the SIM lock, you will want to change the SIM PIN so that people will not guess your PIN. To do that is pretty simple. Follow the steps below…

Step 1: Tap on the Change SIM PIN
Step 2: Now enter the default PIN
Step 3: Tap OK.
Step 4: When prompted, enter the new four-digit PIN and tap Ok
Step 5: Confirm the new PIN
Step 6: Tap OK.

That’s all, you can now restart your phone to see if the SIM lock is effective. If it’s, you’ll have to enter the SIM PIN before you can access your phone and the SIM. If you encounter any problem, use the comments box.



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