How to multitask on windows 11;Use Multitasking tool

How to multitask on windows 11.Windows 11 brings a new desktop located in the taskbar that is super advanced and comfortable for the user, and don’t worry if you have no idea how to put it to good use, as we show  you here. The options that Windows11 presents to us to make our lives easier are many so you can learn a lot about this new tool and access it to start using it as well as all the advanced functions.

How to multitask on windows 11

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  1. Does the Windows 11 Multitasking tool require an application to use?
  2. What does the ‘Multitasking’ tool allow you to do to make your work easier?
  3. What are the steps to use ‘Multitasking’ in Windows 11 easily?
  4. Is it necessary to enable ‘Wrap windows’ to use Windows Multitasking?

Does the Windows 11 Multitasking tool require an application to use?;How to multitask on windows 11

This new Windows tool can have a pleasant effect on us when using it, and best of all, it does not require an additional application to use it. Since the same program has been designed to have the ability to use multiple windows in its most current operating system.

How to multitask on windows 11;What does the ‘Multitasking’ tool allow.

How to multitask on windows 11

It allows us to keep several windows open simultaneously, they could be folders, files or applications, which can be opened from cmd as well. But the best thing about this Windows11 multitasking tool are the different options for ordering and adjusting the windows that we have open on our desktop, this undoubtedly allows us to carry out our work in a more orderly and organized way. Which is significantly important for users to make the most of the time they spend in front of a PC screen for work purposes.

 Steps to use ‘Multitasking’ in Windows 11;How to multitask on windows 11.

Although Windows10 also offers us the option of using ‘multiple windows’, the special design of Windows11 is much better, the steps to use it are the following:

  • We open the Windows application, position the mouse over the icon that allows us to maximize the menu bar, there we will be offered the option to use multiple windows.
  • We must divide the application window in half, selecting either the right or the left side and the program will anchor said applicationon the side that we have selected, it also offers us the opportunity to open other applications from the background.
  • By selecting the application, you are all set to begin with the relevantWindows11 split style settings on the screen.
  • One of the styles for multitasking most used by Windows11users is ´1Dispocision´ allows us as users to remain with an open application on the right side and another on the left side.
  • Generally ´Microsoft Edge´ are kept open simultaneously to the left and to the right ´Microsoft OneNote´
  • So that we can use 3 App at the same time, we only place the mouse over the button to Maximize and in the third part of the options we press to use.
  • We only move the application we want to the left and in the windows that are already open we can select the App with which we want to continue working.
  • Now dividing the screen into 4 is only recommended for large screensbecause otherwise it will seriously affect visibility.
  • This tool also allows us to divide the screen horizontally, to do so we must open the application and use ‘Windows +’ by setting the up arrow key opening the App windows in the middle.
  • Then drag and drop the windows of the App to either side, waiting for the course to move, we release it and thus we fix the application.

Is it necessary to enable ‘Wrap windows’ to use Windows Multitasking?

By default adjusting the windows is already an option enabled in the menu settings. But sometimes a failure happens and it is deactivated or by the user’s own decision it has been deactivated, if something like this has happened to us, we just have to proceed to activate it again . Doing so is very simple, we just have to do the following: open Menu / Windows11 settings, then go to the System Menu and then select the Multitasking tool .

We enable the option to adjust the windows of the ´Menu / Multitasking´, click on the ´Arrow down´ button and we must make sure that all the functions for multitasking Windows are checked or enabled. Which is extremely necessary to fully and completely live the experience of enjoying this new and fascinating tool when doing our jobs or using this windows11 operating system.

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