How to open the shutdown menu without Google Assistant in Android 12

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As of Android 12, the mobile power menu does not show the power menu , but instead opens the Google Assistant . It is still possible to turn off the mobile in various ways, such as from the quick settings or by asking the Assistant , but there will be those who prefer that everything continues as before. It’s possible.

If you want the on and off button of your Android mobile to continue doing that, turning the mobile on and off, you can change it in the settings . In addition, we will tell you about other ways you have to open the shutdown menu in case you do not have that option.

The off button, to turn off

There are already many ways to start the Google Assistant, so you may not need to dedicate a physical button to it on your mobile. What’s more, you may want to keep that button for other tasks such as turning off or restarting the mobile . If this is your case, you can change it in the mobile settings, so that it continues to work as before.


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The configuration of the Android 12 shutdown button is found in the Mobile System settings , within Gestures . Keep in mind that if your mobile has a personalization layer on top, the menus and options may be different.

Go into Hold down the power button and uncheck the box, which will make the off button not activate the Google assistant, but instead open the shutdown menu (or power, as Google calls it).

Then, press and hold the button for a while and the aforementioned menu will be displayed, which, by the way, received a major redesign in Android 12, showing the Emergency, Shutdown, Restart and Security Lock buttons in a floating window.

Other ways to turn off the mobile

You can also turn off the mobile from the quick settings

What if your mobile does not have the option to disable the Google Assistant from being launched when pressing the power button? Or maybe you don’t dislike activating the wizard in this way. How do you turn off or restart the mobile then? Well the truth is that you have many options:

  • From the quick settings. By fully sliding the quick settings panel, you will see a series of buttons at the bottom. One of them is the off button.
  • By pressing two buttons at the same time. To display the shutdown menu, press the Volume Up key and the Power button at the same time.
  • By asking the Assistant. In some cases, the Google Assistant can shut down or restart your phone when you ask it to.
  • By ADB. A somewhat desperate option, for very specific cases, is to connect the mobile through ADB and use commands such asadb shell reboot -p

Where are the home controls

One of the great novelties of Android 11 is that home automation controls were incorporated into the expanded shutdown menu. In Android 12, the shutdown menu has been simplified, without the home automation controls. The controls to manage your smart devices from your mobile are still there, although now they are in the quick settings, within Device Control . In addition, you will find a direct access to them on the lock screen of the mobile.

If you would rather keep everything as before, there is an unofficial mode that requires root . With the Classic Power Menu application you can make the mobile power button open a shutdown menu very similar to that of Android 11 (home automation controls and Google Pay included) instead of the new simplified menu of Android 12.

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