Need a guide on to play your PlayStation 4 from your PC and didn’t know how to do it? Here is a guide on how to use your PS4 from your Windows 10 computer through a simple official application offered with Sony.

Have you ever wanted to play your PlayStation 4 from your PC and didn’t know how to do it? Today at Vandal we teach you how to use your PS4 from your Windows 10 computer through a simple official application offered with Sony.

In order to use this program we will need to have a PS4 console, a PSN account, a good internet connection, a DualShock 4 controller, a USB cable and a computer with these minimum requirements:

  • Operating system:Windows 10
  • Processor:7th generation Intel Core or higher
  • RAM memory:2 GB or more
  • Storage:100 MB or more
  • Screen resolution:1024 x 768 pixels or higher.

Step 1: Install the application

The first thing we should do is download the PS Remote Play application by clicking on this link . After this we will have to execute the installation file and follow the instructions on the screen to get everything ready.


Step 2: Set up PS4

The next step is to configure PlayStation 4 to be able to use the Remote Play by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings-> Remote Play Connection Settings.
  • We select Activate remote use.
  • After this we go to Settings-> Account Management-> Activate as your PS4 as Main and activate the console.
  • If we want to start Remote Play with the PS4 in sleep mode we must go to Settings-> Energy Saving-> Set available functions in sleep mode.
  • After this we select Stay connected to the Internet and Enable PS4 power on from the network.

Using the Remote Play

Once we have our computer and our PS4 ready for remote use, we must follow the following steps :

  • Connect the PS4 controller to PC with a USB.
  • Open the PS Remote Play program.
  • Log in to PSN with the same account that we have on our PS4.
  • Select the PS4.

After this, the screen of our PS4 will appear and we can play and control it as if we were doing it in front of the console itself. The Remote Play application also allows us to configure the video quality , the resolution or the frame rate to obtain a higher performance or better image quality depending on the quality of our internet connection.

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