How to read the menu from a QR Code

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Here’s what the QR Code is and how to read the menu.

Are you at a restaurant, a pizzeria, a club or a bar and you are asked to frame the QR code to view the menu and you don’t know how to do it? The procedure is very simple but requires a smartphone connected to the network . If you have your mobile phone (or iPad or any connected device) with you, read on to find out the simple steps to take.

First of all it is good to specify what a QR code ( Quick Response Code ) is: it is a sort of barcode that contains information that can be accessed by framing it and following the link that appears on the screen. The QR Code appears as a square composed in turn of other squares and a series of black or white dots which are nothing more than coded numbers and letters.

With Covid-19, many businesses have adopted the QR Code to avoid circulating – from hand to hand – paper material. A classic example is given by menus.

How to read the menu from the QR Code

If you are in a club and instead of the classic menu you are asked to frame the QR code (often glued on the table) or placed in the center of a support on the table, all you have to do is take your mobile phone, open the camera and pretend to take a picture of the QR Code. You will not have to take the picture, but only frame it (just as if you were to photograph it).

At that point – if your mobile phone is connected to the network – a link will open: tap to visit the web page where you will find the menu.

Summing up:

  1. Open the camera of your mobile;
  2. Frame the QR Code as if you were to take a picture of it;
  3. Wait until a link appears on the screen;
  4. Tap the link to go to the menu page.

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