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Going to find that note that you need urgently for your work, did you realize that it is not where it should be, that is, along with all the other notes in the app you normally use for taking notes? Don’t despair! Even if all your attempts to recover it have not been successful, the last word has not yet been said.

It is absolutely not certain that your very important note has been lost forever. In the course of the next chapters, in fact, I will show you how to recover deleted notes on smartphones, tablets, PCs and cloud storage services so that, with a bit of luck, you can quickly solve the problem.

How do you say? Can’t wait to get to work because you’ve found some hope again? Very good! So let’s not waste any more time: make yourself comfortable, read carefully what I have to tell you and try to put into practice all the suggestions I am about to give you to recover your deleted note. Having said that, I just have to wish you good reading and, above all, good luck!


  • How to recover deleted notes from smartphones and tablets
    • How to recover deleted notes from Android
    • How to recover deleted Samsung notes
    • How to recover deleted notes from iPhone
    • How to recover deleted notes from third party apps
  • How to recover deleted notes from PC
    • Note applications
    • Apple Notes
  • How to recover deleted notes from the Cloud
    • How to recover deleted notes from Google
    • How to recover deleted notes from iCloud

How to recover deleted notes from smartphones and tablets

Do you usually take notes via the note apps on your smartphone or tablet and have you lost the last notes you had saved? Don’t worry, below you can find out how to recover deleted notes on these devices.

How to recover deleted notes from Android

If you are using an Android device , most likely take notes on Google Keep , the Google app installed by default on all devices with Google services. The first thing you can do, in this case, is to check the app’s trash. You must know, in fact, that the deleted notes are saved in a recycle bin where they remain for a maximum time of 7 days , after which they are permanently deleted.

To proceed, then take your smartphone, tap on the Google Keep app (also called Note di Keep ) located in the drawer or on the Home Screen and press the icon of the three horizontal lines , at the top left. From the opened list, then tap on the Trash option and check among the notes present: when you locate the one you have mistakenly deleted, make a long tap on it and press the icon with the arrow , at the top right, to restore it .

Didn’t find the note you needed? Then it’s possible that it ended up in the archive by mistake. To check, tap on the icon of the three horizontal lines , then press on the wording Archive and if you find the note, restore it following the procedure seen above.

How to recover deleted Samsung notes

Samsung Notes app is installed on Samsung devices by default which allows you to take notes and sync them to your devices via the Samsung cloud .

Again, the first thing you can do to recover a deleted note is to check the app’s trash, which keeps the notes for 30 days before permanently deleting them.

To proceed, start Samsung Notes , press the icon of the three horizontal lines and choose the Trash item from the opened menu, then locate the note you need, press on it and press the appropriate button to restore it.

How to recover deleted notes from iPhone

Are you using an iPhone or are you wondering how to recover deleted notes from iPad ? In this case, then, you need to check the Notes trash , the app installed by default on your device. So, open it, scroll back to Folders view and press on the item Deleted .

In the new screen that has opened, under the notice relating to the duration of 30 days for the conservation of deleted notes, locate the one you need, make a long tap on it and press on the Move item in the opened menu. Then select the destination folder (eg Notes ) by clicking on it. This will restore the note and move it from the recycle bin to the folder of your choice. Simple, isn’t it?

As an alternative, if you have activated data synchronization with iCloud , you can connect to this page of the iCloud site , log in with your Apple ID and select Restore files from the menu located at the bottom. In this way you will see a list of the files you have recently deleted from your cloud space and, among these, there may also be notes (intended as any text files that you have accidentally deleted from your devices) to be recovered.

How to recover deleted notes from third party apps

All the procedures seen previously can also be followed on third-party apps to take notes and notes, since almost all of them share a rather similar structure. All you have to do, then, is launch the app, locate the Trash folder (or similar), and restore the note you accidentally deleted.

Remember to also check the “stall” time that the deleted notes have within the app before being permanently deleted. Based on this data you will know if there is a good chance of finding it or not.

If you don’t have any luck with the baskets, you can still try the way of recovering the lost note through a backup that took place before its deletion. Also with a bit of luck you may have a security backup that you can use to restore the phone containing your precious note.

To proceed in this sense, you can rely on the functionality of your device: check if the Google One backup is active on your Android device , or Smart Switch on Samsung or even iCloud on Apple devices .

Similarly, if you are in the habit of creating a local backup of your smartphone / tablet by saving all the data it contains on the PC, you can restore a backup from it and recover your notes as explained in my tutorials on how restore android backups and how to restore iPhone backups .

How to recover deleted notes from PC

Have you deleted an essential note from the application you normally use on your Windows or Mac PC ? In the next chapters you will find out how to restore the notes from the recycle bin and, if they were permanently deleted, how to recover them by performing a system backup restore or, alternatively, how to use some software to recover lost data.

Note applications

There are many applications for taking notes and each one has a different layout. However, they all have a folder called Trash, from which notes can be restored within a certain time limit (which usually ranges from 7 to 30 days ).

If, for example, uses Evernote , click its icon in your PC’s desktop or search application via the Start menu in Windows or the Launchpad for MacOS .

Once opened, in the list located on the left of the application panel, press on the Trash item , then on the note you want to restore and finally on the Restore note option from the menu that appears. This way your note will be automatically transferred between your recent notes and will be placed back in the notebook it was placed in before you deleted it.

The same goes for the OneNote application linked to your Microsoft account . Just click on the View tab , then on the trash icon Deleted Notes , then right-click on the note to restore, choose the Restore to … option and choose the destination folder.

Have you permanently deleted the note from your PC and don’t know how to do it? Then you can do a system backup restore that allows you to recover the data contained in the backup, including the note, by restoring the PC to the date corresponding to the creation of the backup.

To proceed in this sense, I advise you to carefully read my guide on how to backup Windows 10 (also valid for Windows 11 ), where you can find out how to use File History , the tool that allows you to restore your PC with a given backup .

In case the native program of Windows PCs is not for you, I suggest you also consult my guides dedicated to programs to recover files and programs to recover data .

Apple Notes

The operation of Notes for macOS is almost identical to that described above for iPhone and iPad . All you have to do is click on the Notes app icon present in your Mac’s Dock or Launchpad and press on the Recently Deleted folder . Then locate the note you need, right-click on it, select Move to from the opened menu and choose the destination folder for restoring the note.

The note is not in the trash? Then you can try to restore your Mac from a previously made backup, when your note was not yet permanently deleted. To proceed I suggest you read my tutorial on how to backup and restore your Mac and finally on how to recover deleted files from Mac .

How to recover deleted notes from the Cloud

Have you accidentally deleted a note that was saved on the cloud storage system you use? Don’t panic! Below is explained how to recover deleted notes from Google cloud and iCloud .

How to recover deleted notes from Google

Google Keep , which I told you about earlier , can also be used in its online version synchronized with the Google account . The same operations described for Android, therefore, can also be performed via the Web.

Then connect to the official Google Keep page , if necessary log in by entering your Google account data , then locate the Trash icon and press on it. After that, click on the bucket icon with the arrow pointing up to restore it between notes. Simple, right?

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