How To Remotely Activate An Android Location

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GPS, together with the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) for its acronym in English, is today one of the most useful tools in the world regarding location technology.

The positioning system is important, especially in smartphones, since it only helps you to know where you are, but it also makes it easier for you to get to a certain place without getting lost. Read more and learn how to activate the location of an Android remotely , also on iOS.

In addition to determining your destination, your smartphone’s GPS allows you to access your phone even if it has been lost or stolen. All mobile phones contain a microchip inside that automatically recognizes the location of the device. This means that you will be able to know where your mobile phone is in any way and, if you want, you can even delete all the information it contains.

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Steps to activate the location of an Android remotely, also on iOS

Enable remote location

Modern technology has made it easy to recover your mobile device due to theft or loss. For this, there are several apps that allow you to control the phone through an Internet connection. For example, they help you to know where it is, to erase the data on your device, to activate the lock screen and other settings.

Although there is also a way to do it through a Google or iCloud account to which your mobile phone is linked. In this section, we will show you how to activate the location of an Android remotely, also on iOS.

Remote location

1. On Android

  1. In the Google search engine, enter the Gmail account that you have linked to your phone.
  2. Write ” Google App” which is in the top bar where the Google image appears.
  3. Now, click on the ” Account” option .
  4. Where it says ” Access and security“, locate the option ” Find your phone .” A list with several alternatives will open, where you can choose any of them. Among them you can:
    • Call your mobile.
    • Locate your device
    • Lock it
    • Sign out of your Google account
    • Clear device data
  5. Google will automatically find your device. Next, it will show you a map with the country, the municipality and the street where it was located. You should know that it is not necessary to activate the location, since Google’s intelligent system is responsible for facilitating this process.

2. On iOS

Since we explain how to activate the location of an Android remotely, if you have an Apple mobile the question is like this:

  1. On iOS, you can only use it if you have previously activated the ” Find my iPhone” option . You can also do it from iCloud, if you access it, it will ask you to log in with your Apple ID and your password and then you can activate that option.
  2. In iCloud, you can find your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Also if the battery is low or off, you might find it.
  3. In iCloud, you can make your mobile device play a sound so that you can find it easily, or you can put it in ” Lost Mode“, this will immediately lock your mobile, generate a search engine and track the location where you have been in the last 24 hours.
  4. A feature of iOS is that a message with a contact number appears on the screen, even if it is locked. So that the person who finds it in case you have lost it can find you without entering the rest of your information.
  5. Through iCloud, you can remotely erase your device’s content and restore it in the future with a cloud backup. Similarly, perform an ” Activation Lock“, which is designed to prevent someone from using or trying to sell your device.

Steps to activate GPS on Android and iOS

Despite the fact that GPS offers different services, many people still do not know how to use it. So, if you want to use this function and you don’t know how to activate it, in this post we will explain how to do it quickly and easily.

Activating or deactivating the GPS of your mobile phone is an extremely simple process, as simple as activating or deactivating WiFI or mobile data.

1. On Android

To activate GPS on Android, the first thing you should do is activate the ” Location system “. So that you have access to information about where you are and can navigate to where you want to go.

  1. Go to the main menu and press the ” Settings” or ” Settings ” menu .
  2. Locate the ” Personal” option and then the “Location” option. In some cases it can be found in ” Advanced settings “, it depends on the type of phone you have.
  3. Now you must slide the button to activate the location until it says ” Yes” or turns green, blue or orange. If you have a different version of Android, you just have to check the box to activate it. To deactivate it, simply slide the button again.
  4. You can select which applications can access this information: the most famous, TripAdvisor, Google Maps, Wikiloc, among others.
  5. In this way, the satellite signal has already detected your device and you can specify the location you want to reach. Although first, you have to enter the GPS.
  6. Sometimes, this operating system usually attaches all Google-related apps in a folder for easy access. If so, enter a shortcut called ” Google” and click on the Google Maps logo. If it doesn’t appear like this, look for an app called ” Maps .”
  7. Once the app opens, you can use the GPS and reach the desired destination. You can also use this application to search for gas stations, restaurants, ATMs or any other site.

Go to location setting

You should keep in mind that to find the places you need to search on the screen, there is a blue icon with an arrow at the bottom right. There you can add the address where you are and your destination. Then you will only have to attend to the messages that the system sends you.

To activate or deactivate the GPS connection on your Samsung smartphone more quickly, just swipe down from the top of the phone screen to bring up the notifications menu, where you can simply touch the icon to activate or deactivate it. This is a way to quickly monitor your GPS connection .

Go to the GPS option

2- On an iPhone

Not only can you activate GPS on Android, you can also do it on iOS:

  1. In the Settingsmenu of your phone, locate the Privacy option and then the Location option .
  2. Activate the location option by moving the button to the right. To deactivate it, just repeat the step, only to the left.
  3. In this option, you can enable GPS for applicationsand websites that require you to use your exact location. In the same way, you can enable it if you want them to use your location when you use the App, or on the contrary, prevent them from accessing it at any time.
  4. If you want to find a specific address and want to use GPS, after having followed the previous steps, you just have to go to the Maps app.
  5. Finally, in the upper area, you can write and search for the address you want and wait for the application to give you an indication.

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