How To Reset An LG Phone

Resetting the mobile to factory settings can be a good option to avoid slowness, clean it if you want to sell or give away, or in this case, protect it from computer viruses. However, you must bear in mind that when you restart your device, all the apps will be deleted from the system. As well as contacts, photos, videos or any other information you have. Find out here how to reset an LG phone step by step .

Knowing the above and that it is an alternative to solve any kind of problem with your smartphone, we are going to show you what steps you must follow so that you can restore your LG to factory settings correctly, quickly and safely. However, before doing so, it is advisable to save all the necessary data with the help of a backup.

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How to reset LG phone and go back to factory settings?

A good format can make the mobile phone work properly with all its functions. Usually when it reboots it is because the screen is frozen, black or completely white. It can also be done when the system becomes very slow, among many other reasons.

Restarting or resetting is a very complex thing, very similar to formatting computers. This will delete all the information from the internal storage of the device, so it will be newly acquired at the agency.

It is recommended to make use of this practice from time to time, since restoring the initial configuration of the terminal will allow it to work again. Before doing so, it is advisable to remove the SD card for security reasons .

To know how to reset an LG phone, it is necessary that you follow the next steps and methods that we will teach you today:

1- Restart from boot

This is another way to format your LG device, it is used especially when you have a password on your device that does not allow you to access its menu or use it.

To perform this procedure, all you have to do is carry out the following steps:

  1. The first step you must take to do this is to turn off the device. After you have done this, it is necessary that you remove the battery from the mobile and then press and hold the usual combination of buttons that are needed to carry it to execute the method.
  2. The buttons used are the volume key (-) and also the power button. Both must be pressed simultaneously until the device logo is activated.
  3. After the LG logo appears on the computer screen, you must release the power button and press it again quickly until the menu is visible.
  4. Once you have entered the menu, you must use the volumebuttons (-) and (+) so that you can scroll through it, as well as the on / off buttons to enter the different options that appear there.
  5. Now, in the options menu, you must select ” Yes“, for this you need to press the power button.
  6. The system will send you a restriction notification to continue the process, which you must accept.
  7. You will see the option that says ” Factory Restore“, you have to choose it by pressing the power button and the installation process will begin immediately.
  8. When you start to install your mobile, it will restart, it will also take a few minutes.
  9. To turn your mobile on again, you will only have to reconfigure it, this will be done by entering your Google account, you simply have to enter the requested data and you will be able to use your smartphone again.

2- From the phone menu

  1. From your LG mobile device, you must enter the ” Settings” section of the system, this can be done from the notification panel or the menu itself.
  2. Once you have accessed ” Settings“, you should find the ” General ” section , then you must click on ” Backup and Restore “, then choose the option ” Automatic Restore ” or ” Restore factory settings “.
  3. After you get to this point, you will be presented with new controls so that you can continue the process in the correct way. Here you will see an option to ” Restart the phone“, this will trigger a full restart. This is going to take a while.
  4. Well, after a few minutes, the hardware will automatically turn on and factory settings will be restored, so you can have a brand new LG up and running.

Unfortunately, in certain cases, this method does not work properly, especially when the mobile phone is locked or disabled due to a bug in the software. There are other methods for this kind of case.

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3- From a computer

Another possible way to format your smartphone is using a computer. Well, as for how to reset an LG phone, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. To start this process, you have to connect your phone to your computer, this will be done through a USB cable, now that your computer has recognized it, you can start restarting your LG.
  2. Now you have to enter the menu of your mobile device and go to Settingsand then to the development settings.
  3. After you have completed this process, the next step is to activate the USB debugging optionfrom the mobile.
  4. Next, on your Windows computer, you should find the option ” Run“, type cmd and finally click where it says ” OK “.
  5. After completing these first steps, a command console will appear on your computer screen. There you have to type Adb Shelland you will be asked to press Enter to complete.
  6. Again a window will appear in which you must write wipe datawhich means “delete data”, then click on ” accept ” and then write reboot system which is “reboot system” and accept.
  7. Once you have done everything correctly, your phone will start to reboot, this may take a few minutes. If this takes a while you must remember that it is normal, you do not have to worry about anything.
  8. After it is turned on again, all the data, apps and information that was on the device will be erased, it only remains to start configuring it through your Google account and any other data that the system asks for.

With these three methods we were able to explain how to reset an LG phone, with these recommendations you can get a fast and safe format for your computer. However, if the operating system persists, we recommend that you update the entire operating system, do not forget to bear in mind that sometimes it is preferable to replace it with an improved or lighter one.

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