How To Restart Alexa

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Amazon’s voice assistant radically changes every apartment and makes it smarter by connecting appliances and allowing, with a simple voice command, to fill the whole house with excellent streaming music. But all that glitters is not gold… anyone who has been using an echo device for a long time will surely have noticed that after the latest updates the operating system of Amazon devices is very unstable and every now and then Alexa needs to be restarted. Not only that, turning off alexa or more precisely turning off the echo devices when you are not at home allows you to increase energy savings.

But how to turn off alexa? and how to restart it? in this very short guide I will explain model by model how to shut down and restart Amazon Echo devices.


  • Restart Alexa
    • Switching off and switching on echo devices
    • Alexa reset

Restart Alexa

Switching off and switching on echo devices

For some Amazon echo devices (the echo show series) it is possible to turn off alexa by holding down the microphone disable key (the key on the left at the top of the echo device) and when the message Want to turn off is displayed on the screen, press the Ok key present in the display. To turn off alexa on all other echo devices you will need to remove the plug from the power socket; in fact, some restart features are not provided and this is the official solution provided by Amazon itself .

Once turned off to restart Alexa, if you have an echo show model it will be sufficient to hold down the microphone disable key until it is turned on again while for the other models you will simply have to reconnect the power socket.

Alexa reset

If you are trying to restart Alexa because you have noticed a malfunction and after restarting the echo device the problem has not been solved then you can opt for a factory reset or a real Alexa reset. The operation is quite simple and is described in this guide.

So in conclusion if you are having problems with your Amazon echo voice assistant you can try to restart it as described above and if this is not enough you will have to perform an alexa reset as described in the above mentioned guide.

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