How to take screenshot without using ‘imp pnt’ key in Windows?

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With the computer keyboard you can do many things if you have Windows installed on your PC in any of its editions. There is a key in Windows which allows you to take screenshots, but this is not the only way to take screenshots.

The only way to take a screenshot in Windows is not through the keyboard, there are other ways to take screenshots . Shortly, we’ll show you what other options there are for taking screenshots in Windows, how to use other keyboard buttons to take screenshots, and what programs allow you to take screenshots.


What options are there to take screenshot on a PC?

The key with which you always take screenshots in Windows is a small one called ‘Imp Pnt’. On computers with Windows 10 system, you press this button on the keyboard and you will immediately get an image of your screen .

Now, maybe on your keyboard that button is bad or defective and you can’t use it. In that case you don’t have to worry, since there are other buttons on the keyboard that allow you to take screenshots. Next, we will tell you two ways to take screenshots without using the ‘Imp Pnt’ key.


Win + Shift + S key

One of the most used combinations in the case of those who have computers with Windows 7 is this. To take screenshots you must:

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  1. You must locate yourself in the window of your computer to which you want to take the screenshot
  2. Press the ‘Start’ key which is the one with the Windows symbol
  3. Then press the ‘SHIFT’ key
  4. Then the keyboard button that has the letter ‘S’
  5. To finish, paste that screenshot anywhere that accepts images

In case you did not know, there is a folder in which all the screenshots you have taken are automatically saved . You should see where this folder is located . Knowing the location of this folder, whenever you take a screenshot, what you will have to do is go and look for it directly there.

This is one of the ways to take screenshots without having to use the ‘Imp Pnt’ key. Now, you are going to be shown another way to take screenshots without using the ‘Imp Pnt’ keyboard button.


imp pnt’ key

As far as the keyboard is concerned, there are no more combinations to use in order to take screenshots in Windows . However, keyboard combinations don’t matter when you have programs capable of taking screenshots very easily.

Almost all computers running Windows come with a program called ‘Snipping’. This program allows you to take out all kinds of clippings inside your computer. See how this tool is used:

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  1. Go to the taskbar once you access your computer
  2. Position yourself on the Windows search bar
  3. Put in the search the word ‘Recortes’
  4. Open the first search result
  5. Then minimize the program window
  6. Situate yourself in the window to which you want to take the screenshot
  7. Press the program window ‘Cutouts’
  8. To finish, hit ‘New’, select the part of the screen you want to crop and save the image

This way you can take screen shots from a Windows PC using the ‘Snipping’ program. It should be noted that with the ‘Cutouts’ program there is a way to set a counter, such a counter can be reset to take new images.


How to activate other keys to take screenshot?

It would be perfect if there were other keys that could be activated in Windows to be able to take screenshots , but unfortunately there are none. Aside from there being no other keys to take photos, you can’t go into a setting for something like that to designate other keys to help you take a photo of your screen.

However, the good thing is that there are hundreds of programs that can be used to take pictures of the Windows screen. By the way, if you are very used to taking this type of photos, you should learn how to crop these images .


What programs exist to capture the Windows screen?

windows 10 pc

Earlier we said that there are hundreds of programs that allow you to take pictures of the Windows screen and we even gave you the name of one and explained how to use it. Now, in addition to using ‘Snipping’, you can also use Word or PowerPoint to take screenshots.

To do such a thing, you just need to open Word or PowerPoint, create a new document, press the ‘Insert’ section, click ‘Capture’ and choose the capture. If you want to export that image, all you have to do is right click on the screenshot, then click ‘Save this as an image’ and designate where the image will be stored.

If you do not have Word or PowerPoint, then you have at your disposal the download of programs such as LightShot.

light shot

This program is capable of sharing images on the internet, using hotkeys to take screenshots, editing the screen before taking screenshots, taking monitor screenshots and many other things. If you are interested in downloading it, you would have to go to the developer’s website to make a safe download from there.

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