How to see the suggestions of friends within Instagram?

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We live in the technological age where social networks abound, such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. One of the attractions of Instagram is that you can meet many people, and the application provides you with built-in tools to make finding friends easily. If you haven’t fully scrutinized this app yet, then you’re in the right place. In this article we will talk about the different ways to see the suggestions of friends within Instagram.

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  1. What is the way to see the suggestions of friends within Instagram?
    1. Using the ‘discover people’ option
    2. In the news feed
    3. From the ‘followers’ section
  2. What can improve the suggestions that Instagram makes you?
    1. Synchronize your Facebook with Instagram

What is the way to see the suggestions of friends within Instagram?

With the Instagram application you have the opportunity to meet or meet people to interact and share content. This platform shows you suggestions from people you may know or who may have something in common with you and also be one of your contacts on Instagram. But below we show you the ways to see those friendship suggestions that this world famous social platform makes available to you.

Using the ‘discover people’ option

This section offers you many possibilities to find people you can follow, it is precisely about discovering people with an Instagram account that you possibly know or want to know. When you enter the Instagram application, within your profile, you go to discover people and in that window you click Contacts , the Instagram application will automatically search by phone number, which of your contacts added on your mobile have an Instagram account and that’s how you discover people.

You can also take advantage of this option to discover people and click on Suggestions, there you will see people that the application suggests, choose someone you may know or want to know and those who have common interests.

In the news feed

This function within the Instagram application allows you to share your publications and interact with people on the topics of interest . There you can see photos, videos that are updated daily. But besides that, you can see the hashtags of your followers and the recommended accounts. It is an excellent option that you can use to see suggestions from friends.

Since you can use the hashtags of the publications that have been shared and that have aroused your interest, and with them search for people to follow them, or for the shared content. So you should be attentive to the updates and news that are shown in the Instagram news feed section .

From the ‘followers’ section

This section brings together all the people who are already your followers . However, inside it you can see the suggestions for you. To do this, you must first enter the Instagram application, and click on the doll icon to enter the profile. Then, you touch on the followers option where you can see all those who follow you.

When you slide the screen towards the end, you will see an option “Suggestions for you”, which has all the suggestions of people that the Instagram application gives you so that you can follow. You can click on See all suggestions and you will see more of this option. And choosing who or whom you can add or follow.

What can improve the suggestions that Instagram makes you?

What can improve the suggestions that Instagram gives you about friends or possible followers, is to synchronize the contacts of your social networks . In this case, that of Facebook and Instagram, when executing this action, all your acquaintances and friends who are your Facebook contacts will be displayed in the Discover people on Instagram section. But for this you must know how to synchronize your Facebook with Instagram, let’s see how it is done:

Synchronize your Facebook with Instagram

The procedure is as follows: You go to Instagram, go to the profile and click on the three horizontal stripes. Then, click on Discover people, followed by Connect to Facebook , click on Connect and then log into your Facebook account. When you access the Discover people section, you will see the Facebook friends option in the suggestions.

To invite some friends, just click Follow. And an interesting aspect of this synchronization is that you will also be able to locate friends of the friends of your Facebook contacts. We suggest you try this option, and thus make your search for friends easy.

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