How to start incognito mode in web browsers?

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One way to keep our activity on the internet private is by starting in incognito mode, since in this option there is no record of your passwords, emails, logins on some pages, or your browsing history, among others. You simply have to learn how to navigate the web in this way . Read on to know more about this tool.

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  1. How to browse incognito mode in Chrome from any device?
    1. On PC
    2. From Android devices
    3. Using iPhone or iPad
  2. How is private browsing activated from other browsers?
    1. Mozilla Firefox
    2. Microsoft Edge
    3. Internet explorer
  3. How to create a shortcut to the incognito tab on the desktop?
    1. Chrome
    2. Mozilla Firefox
    3. Microsoft Edge
  4. What happens when browsing in incognito mode?
    1. Navigation data is not saved
    2. Downloaded files will be preserved
    3. Device location will be visible to some sites

How to browse incognito mode in Chrome from any device?

Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers , therefore, its use is not complicated. It should be noted that one of the advantages of this browsing alternative that we are offered is that, although your data cannot be remembered after closing incognito mode, while browsing it can.

A small detail is that despite browsing incognito, some things such as your location or your activity are still visible for the websites you visit, where you access your account, who provides you with internet services, and so on. However, there are ways to surf the internet anonymously . Now, we will break down below how to handle and develop this mode on various devices, both mobile and desktop.


Start by launching the browser, then look in the upper right corner for the icon with the three dots. Click there and you will see that a small text window with several options will be broken down, the third will be ‘New incognito window’. Click on it and the browser will open in incognito.

From Android devices

Whether it is an Android cell phone or tablet, you must open the Chrome application to proceed . Next to the address bar, you will click on the icon with the three dots, then ‘New incognito tab’ to finally open the browser in incognito.

Using iPhone or iPad

You must open the Chrome application on your iPhone or iPad. When you have done it, press the three dots in the lower right corner to open the small options window, where you will then press ‘New incognito window’.

To verify that you are in incognito mode, press the square icon to change the tab . Swipe right to check if any incognito tabs are open, and look at the top for the incognito icon.

You will be aware that it is possible on all devices (Android, iPhone and iPad, computer) to alternate between incognito and normal windows, and the information you carry in one of the two windows will not be affected by the other.

How is private browsing activated from other browsers?

Something interesting to note is that not only Chrome has this tool , the other browsers also have this and its use is also quite simple, so you should not make any effort to understand it.

Mozilla Firefox

Surely you know that Mozilla is one of the most used browsers after Chrome, since its operation is very effective. Like all browsers, Mozilla Firefox has had multiple versions and updates , available for all operating systems. This makes its design different, however, the way to use incognito is still simple.

  1. You must open a window in Mozilla.
  2. Then you will click on the three-line icon in the upper right corner.
  3. A small options window will be displayed where you will choose ‘New private window’, and that’s it.

Microsoft Edge

This is a web browser developed by Microsoft, basically making itself based on Chromium. It is implemented on all computers with Windows 10 operating system as the default browser, being a replacement for Internet Explorer. To use incognito mode in this browser follow steps similar to the previous ones.

  1. Open a Microsoft Edge window.
  2. Click the Settings and more icon (three dots).
  3. Then select ‘New InPrivate Window’, and you will enter a private window.

Internet explorer

The oldest browser that we all know also has this option, and use incognito mode simply by following these steps:

  1. Open an Internet Explorer window.
  2. You must click on the Tools button.
  3. When you do this, a menu with options will be displayed, there you will place the mouse over the ‘Security’ option.
  4. Another drop-down menu will open. Select ‘InPrivate Browsing’ and you’re done.
  5. Another option is that, when opening Internet Explorer, you press the Ctrl + Shift + Pkeys on your keyboard . You will automatically open the navigation in incognito mode.

How to create a shortcut to the incognito tab on the desktop?

If after seeing how incognito mode works you prefer to use it, but would like to access it directly without having to enter a normal window, read below to discover how to do it in different web browsers.


There is a simple shortcut to create a shortcut to incognito browsing, following these steps:

  1. Right click on some empty space on your computer desktop.
  2. In the drop-down menu that will appear, you will select ‘New’ and ‘Shortcut’.
  3. A small window will appear, you will click on ‘Browse’ and you will have to find the path where the Chrome.exe file is.
  4. Then you will add in the file location bar: ‘–incognito’.
  5. You will click on ‘Next’.
  6. To finish, you will write a name for the shortcut, click on ‘Finish’ and save the changes.
  7. Check on your desktop, and you will see that the shortcut you created will appear. When you open it, you will enter Chrome’s incognito mode.

Mozilla Firefox

To create the Mozilla shortcut, you must follow the same steps as to create the Chrome one. Only, in step 3, instead of looking for the Chrome file, you will look for ‘Firefox.exe’. Also, in step 4, instead of typing what is assigned for the Chrome browser, you will have to type ‘-private-window’.

By completing this and the other steps, when you finish and search your desktop, you will find the name you gave the shortcut . This will open with Mozilla’s private browsing.

Microsoft Edge

As with the previous browsers and following the steps of Chrome, you must change step 3 to look for the Microsoft file instead of Chrome, which is this: ‘msdege.exe’. Then in step 4, you will type ‘-inprivate’. When you finish all the steps, the shortcut you created will be on your desktop . The Microsoft Edge private window will open.

What happens when browsing in incognito mode?

There really is an advantage when browsing incognito mode, since in your environment there would be no record of what you are doing. Now, we must inform ourselves correctly about what it is like to browse privately , since there are many myths that we often believe and have no knowledge about how it works.

Navigation data is not saved

Something important is that your navigation will really be unknown at least for those who use the same devices. This happens because private browsing gives you the possibility that your browsing history, cookies and site data, information that you have placed in web forms, among others, are not saved.

Downloaded files will be preserved

It should be noted that the things you use or download will be kept, because when downloading files you are using something other than the browser and you would be entering the device. So, in case of saving something on your computer or phone in incognito mode, you should know that the file will not disappear .

Device location will be visible to some sites

Although the navigations will not be seen by the people in your environment, it is not totally anonymous because the websites you visit will record that you entered there, your IP address or if you entered your account from a web service will also be recorded.

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