How to take screenshots on iPad Pro

All smartphones, PCs and tablets can take screenshots . And if you have an iPad Pro, and you want to take one, but you don’t know how to do it, you came to the right place, here in See How It ‘s Done we will explain the various methods that exist for you to achieve it.


Where are screenshots taken on iPad Pro saved?

If you take a screenshot on an iPad Pro, but you do not know where it is saved , this is the same as on cell phones, that is, they are automatically saved in the device’s gallery and a new album is created that receives the name of ‘captures’

What is the way to take a screenshot on iPad Pro?

As we have already mentioned, we will tell you how you can take a screenshot of your screen on the iPad Pro and for them there are various methods that we will explain each of them in detail below.

With the start button

If you have an iPad Pro that has a home button, to take a screenshot locate the screen you want to capture then you just have to hold down the home button and the upper lock button at the same time, do it for a few seconds.

Using the volume buttons

If your iPad Pro doesn’t have a home button, just press and hold the lock button and any volume up button at the same time.

Using the Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is one of the companions of the iPad, and through it you get various functions with some specific applications. The iPad operating system offers you several shortcuts with this tool and being able to take screenshots is one of them. To do this you must locate the stylus , which is at the bottom, then just slide it diagonally to the center of the screen. Ready, a screenshot will be automatically taken.


How to save an iPad Pro screenshot in PDF format?

Did you know that you can take a screenshot on your iPad of a full screen that covers an entire document, web page or even an email that exceeds the length of your iPad screen and then save it as a PDF for you to read? whenever you want. To achieve this you must perform any of these procedures .

  • In those iPads that have a home button: You must press the home button and the top button at the same time, then release them after a few seconds.
  • For other iPad models you must follow these steps: At the same time hold down the top button and any volume button, either up or down.
  • Next, in the lower left corner of the screen, tap on the capture and then where it says Full Page.

Now, to finish saving the screenshot taken, in the new PDF format, perform any of these procedures:

  • Once you have finished capturing click OK, then Save PDF to Files, then browse for a location and finally Save.
  • If you want to share the screenshot in PDF format, you must click on the Share button, then select where you want to share it, it can be by email, enter, write any information requested and finally click on send PDF file.


What should be done to write on the screenshots?

If you want to edit the capture and write about it, here are the steps you must follow to achieve it:

Once you have taken the capture using any of the aforementioned methods, you will see that it will automatically appear at the bottom of the screen, indicating that it has already been saved in your gallery. If you click on it you can find some editing tools that can be very useful.

In the upper left part, you can see an ok button, click on it and then with the Pencil that already comes by default on your iPad you can paint, underline, write on it, capture, highlight among other things, you can even choose the color of your preference.


What are the steps to record the screen of an iPad Pro?

As we already know, in most new devices the screen recording function is already incorporated , and if we do not know how to do it on an iPad Pro, do not worry, here we will leave you the procedure that you must follow for it.

First of all you must go to the Control Center and there click on the icon that is represented by a REC button. If for some reason you can’t find this icon, then go to Settings, then Control Center and finally add the screen recording feature to your panel .


Turn the microphone on and off

If you keep this button pressed for a few seconds, a button will appear where you can activate and deactivate the microphone . If you activate the microphone, the iPad will record all external sound from wherever it is. If you disable this option, no sound will be recorded.

end the recording

When you want to finish the recording, you just have to click on the red icon that is located at the top of your screen, right next to the battery icon.

Once you stop recording to watch your video, you just have to go to your photo gallery, locate the new album that will be called Screen recordings. This is a normal video and just like the others you can edit it.

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