How to Transfer Photos from Phone to Computer via Bluetooth

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Previously, a film camera had a maximum of 36 photos, now, thanks to smartphones , you can take hundreds of photos and videos in one sitting. However, the memory of the mobile phone is not unlimited and you need to store the content elsewhere. It is easier to do this by transferring files from the phone to the computer via bluetooth, since there is no dependence on the access and speed of the Internet. We analyze this process in four steps.

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Turn on and configure Bluetooth

The first step is to turn on the “blue tooth” on both gadgets. On the phone, it can be found either in the shutter or inside the settings. Two ways to activate Android and iOS devices are summarized in the table.

Through the curtain Through settings
Exit to desktop Go to device settings
Swipe down by lowering the curtain Select “Bluetooth”
Click on the Bluetooth icon Click the “Enable” button

Now it remains to run the “blue tooth” on your computer. As a rule, computers already come with a built-in bluetooth driver. The user only needs to switch the switch to “Enable”. In MacBooks and PCs, this procedure is slightly different. In computers and laptops under the auspices of MacOS, this takes place in three stages.

  1. Move to the status menu (top right).
  2. Click on the menu itself.
  3. Tap on “Turn on Bluetooth”.

Everything is ready to go!

The connection method in a Windows 10 PC is very similar, only the panel is in a different place: on the bottom right.

  1. Move to the notification panel
    It is located near the clock, a little to the right and looks like a “cloud” from the comics.
  2. Click on the icon that looks like a cloud in the comics.
    This will expand the quick menu.
  3. Tap on the bluetooth sign
    The function will turnon on your computer.

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Add a new device

Now you need to make sure that both devices “see” each other. To do this, go to the Bluetooth settings on the PC. You can connect your phone to a laptop via bluetooth on the first try, if you follow the algorithm below:

  • Open the Notification Panel, which is located to the left of the clock.
  • Tap with the right mouse button (RMB) on the “blue tooth” icon.
  • Select “Go to parameters”.

Next, the “clove” settings menu will open. Here you should click the “plus” next to “Add Bluetooth or other device”. In the drop-down window, you need to select “Bluetooth” (other types of gadgets).

The devices can now see each other.

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We connect devices

It remains only to pair the devices, and they will remain in each other’s “friends” until some of them reset their bluetooth settings. Everything happens in the same “connect” menu of devices.

After the mobile phone and PC have seen each other, you need to do the following:

  1. Click on the name of the second device (bluetooth nickname of your phone)
    So the computer will understand who to connect to.
  2. A 6-digit password will appear on the mobile phone screen. It must be entered in a new drop-down window in the PC.
    If the numbers are lit on the computer screen, they must be entered in a special window of the mobile phone.
  3. Devices are ready to transfer files.
    The system will display a notification that the devices are paired. Now they can transfer information to each other.

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Transferring the photo

Transferring a photo from your phone to your computer is quite simple, since everything for this process is already on the surface. To get content, you need to configure the computer.

  1. Go down to the tray (the panel with icons to the left of the clock) and select the Bluetooth icon.
  2. Click on it and find the line “Accept file”.
  3. After that, the window for receiving information will open.

The choice of images on a smartphone is as follows:

  1. Go to the Device Gallery.
  2. Select the desired content.
  3. Go to the document menu and select “Send”.
  4. Find the “Bluetooth” icon and select your PC as the recipient.

That’s it, the photos began to be copied to the computer. An Android phone can transfer pictures to any PC, while iPhones can share content “over the air” only with MacOS devices via AirDrop. Installing a pirated Hackintosh on a Windows computer will not help – you only need original software.

The transfer from a computer to a mobile phone takes place according to a similar algorithm. Except that instead of the “Receive file” menu, “Send” is used. And the process of transferring content itself takes place through a PC.

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