How to unblock Whatsapp in China

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Are you also fascinated by the culture of the Rising Sun? Do you often go to China for study or work reasons? Do you need to communicate and want to know just how to unblock Whatsapp in China ?You certainly don’t need to be an anthropologist to realize that in the East some things work in a completely different way and Whatsapp is one of them. It is not just a question of language, customs, traditions, but it is something a little more complex. “How can I unblock whatsapp in China” is now the first thing any Italian tourist asks before leaving.

Put simply, some of the things we can do freely here in Italy are not as possible to do in China, famous for its numerous government censorships.

Whatsapp is an excellent communication tool and as such is certainly the number one enemy of any authoritarian regime, including China.

China towards democracy?

Come on, let’s not fool ourselves, how do you call democracy an administration system that does not provide for the possibility for citizens to directly elect their own ruling class?

In fact, Chinese citizens can only meet in assembly and elect committees.
In turn, the elected committees meet and elect a further assembly, until, using a pyramid system, the actual election of the ruling class is reached.

Unfortunately in Europe and Italy things are not going much better, it could be that one day, in addition to searching on Google ” how to unblock Whatsapp in China ” you will also look for “how to unblock Whatsapp in Italy”!

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  • Here is the only way to access Whatsapp in China.
  • So how can I unblock Whatsapp in China?
  • Various important and effective VPNs
  • Take advantage of the free 30 days of VPN!
  • How to access Whatsapp in China? Use a VPN!

Here is the only way to access Whatsapp in China.

Fortunately, here in Italy and in Europe things have not yet degenerated, so for the moment you can still safely use Whatsapp.
If you are in China, on the other hand, you cannot do the same because the Chinese government has imposed restrictions on the line operators.

In other words, Chinese telecommunications companies, under the threat of retaliation from the government, block all attempts to connect to Whatsapp by anyone who tries to access it within national borders.

It does not matter whether you are a Chinese citizen or a foreign citizen who is in China for study, work or leisure reasons, in both cases you will be totally barred from using this instant messaging app.

Before seeing in detail how to access Whatsapp in China, let’s try to better understand why this App does not suit the Chinese government very much.

Whatsapp was created in 2009 and allows its users to exchange text, video, audio and image messages.

It also gives you the opportunity to make calls, all using the Internet connection in order to avoid the costs of your telephone operator.

A peculiarity of this application is that it uses “end-to-end” encryption to safeguard the privacy of its users. In other words, this system makes it difficult for anyone to intercept correspondence entertained by users and this also applies to the police.

This is why this service is frowned upon by authoritarian regimes such as the Chinese one.

So how can I unblock Whatsapp in China ?

The answer is very simple: you have to connect to Whatsapp “bypassing” the Chinese servers and the only way to do this is to use a good VPN. The Virtual Private Network (“virtual private network”) or more simply “VPN”, is the only means that allows you to “bypass” any restrictions, including those that block Whatsapp in China.

Without going into too technical details, the VPN allows you to connect to a particular site using its servers, thus allowing you to “bypass” the servers that are subject to restrictions.

how can i unblock whatsapp in china

Here’s a practical example: You can’t access Whatsapp in China, but you can still access various VPN services. So, instead of connecting to Whatsapp using the IP address of the Chinese connection, first connect to the VPN by choosing to browse with the IP address of a server located in a part of the world where Whatsapp is accessible and that’s it.

Various important and effective VPNs

There are currently various VPN services on the market and it is definitely worth spending a few words in favor of the best ones around, the only ones that can allow you to unblock Whatsapp in China .

  • ExpressVPN: has 160 server locations located in 94 countries, guarantees data encryption while browsing online. In the same way, however, it guarantees maximum performance in terms of speed and bandwidth which is unlimited. It is easy to use and is compatible with any device, regardless of its operating system.
  • CyberGhostVPN: this VPN also offers really excellent services, starting with the “zero logging” policy, that is, users’ browsing data is deleted even before reaching their servers. It guarantees excellent performance and at the same time extreme ease of use. It already has pre-set functions that can be used with just one click but navigation can be customized at any time with just as much simplicity.

They are both 2 excellent VPN services that will allow you to unblock Whatsapp in China or in any other country with an authoritarian regime, without giving up a fast and reliable connection.

Take advantage of the free 30 days of VPN!


ExpressVPN Free

With ExpressVPN, you can get your refund WITH NO questions or reasons within the first 30 days, even after subscribing. Here is the trick for you readers of

You may have heard of “proxies”. These allow you to get results in bypassing blocked sites but at the same time have disadvantages.

The quality of the connection is far from good, certainly insufficient to guarantee a match consisting of video, images and audio. The “proxies” are only available for PCs and do not offer encryption or protection services for your browsing data.

I recommend, when you search the web ” how can I unblock Whatsapp in China ” immediately be wary of these inefficient services which, however, would make you lose patience due to their excessive slowness.

How to access Whatsapp in China? Use a VPN!

As we saw above, the only really efficient way to unblock Whatsapp in China is to use a VPN. It really doesn’t make sense to use proxies. These only offer slow browsing with no protection for user data.

There is also another important aspect that must be taken into account.
Here in Europe you can use Whatsapp safely, but remember that since 2014 it is totally under the control of Facebook. This can, in some way, access Whatsapp user data and we all know how it is used. Commercial break!

There would be nothing wrong but no one asks you if they can use your data to create ad hoc offers.

How to access Whatsapp in China and keep your browsing data safe at any time? Trust the best VPN service around!

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