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It is very fashionable to use the beta versions of the applications to be able to know what the news is that it offers us before they go to the public. And in this sense, Instagram, one of the most used social networks in the world, launched its test mode. But it is possible that it is present some problems and then you want to know how to uninstall Instagram beta from your smartphone .

Instagram is a platform used by millions of users in the world and through it they communicate effectively through text or audio messages. But it is also possible to send videos, emojis, stickers, make video calls and even watch live broadcasts . And this without talking about the famous Instagram stories.

But when it comes to news, some apps launch their beta version and many users download it to be the first to try its new functions. However, unfortunately this update may not work the way you expect. And then you prefer to uninstall it from your mobile and in this article we will tell you how you can proceed to do so.

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  1. What problems can arise when being a user of Instagram Beta?
    1. Closes itself
    2. You have ‘Not Available’ features for other users
  2. What is the procedure to follow to delete the Beta version of Instagram?
    1. On Android
    2. With an iOS device
  3. What will happen to your Instagram account when you uninstall the Beta App?

What problems can arise when being a user of Instagram Beta?

It is important that you know as a user of any application that launches its beta or trial version. That this can present a large number of problems or inconveniences when using it, so you must always take this detail into account. Next, we will tell you what problems you may encounter when using the Instagram beta on your mobile .

Closes itself

One of the most recurring failures that users have when using the beta version of Instagram is that it closes itself. And this unexpected error can have two possible causes, the first of which is that your mobile device does not have enough RAM . And the second is due to a problem that originates when downloading the app.

Therefore, if you want to solve this problem of unexpected closing of the application, we suggest that you free up memory space in the first instance. In this case, you can uninstall other apps that you don’t use. Another possible solution that you can choose is to restart your mobile device and then force the app to work.

You have ‘Not Available’ features for other users

This is another problem that users have when using the Instagram beta, and that is that only they can have the new functions that this update has. Therefore, other users who have not downloaded the beta will not have the new features available .

What is the procedure to follow to delete the Beta version of Instagram?

Now, if when using the beta version of Instagram you feel that the flaws or problems it has outweigh its benefits. Then it is advisable that you uninstall it from your smartphone and then we will tell you the steps to follow depending on the operating system you use. Either a device that works with Android or iOS.

On Android

The first step to follow is to enter the Google virtual store, the Play Store or log in with your Google account . Once inside, go to the upper left corner and click on the three-line icon to access the menu. The next step is to click on the option ‘ My applications and games ‘ and in this new window you will look for the ‘Beta’ tab.

Once you find it, you will select it by pressing it and all the beta versions that you have activated on your mobile will now be displayed on the screen . Next, you are going to find and select the app that we are dealing with, which is Instagram. Now you will see on the screen the option ‘Exit’ that is next to the option ‘More information’.

Then, click on the option ‘Exit’ and then a message will be displayed on the screen asking you if you want to exit the Beta program. To confirm the release of this version, all you have to do is click on the ‘Exit’ option.

With an iOS device

For iOS devices, the procedure is as follows, enter the Apple virtual store , that is, the App Store. Once in it, you are going to click this in the options bar so that you search and select the ‘My applications’ section.

This action will take you to its window and now you must look for the ‘Beta’ tab. When you press, all those apps that are in their beta version on your mobile will be displayed on the screen, and the last step is to select the option ‘Exit’ and voila, it will be uninstalled.

What will happen to your Instagram account when you uninstall the Beta App?

There are users who may feel some fear of uninstalling the Instagram Beta App from their smartphone. And this is because they may have problems later with their account already created, but the truth is that nothing bad will happen with it .

So if you decide to remove this beta version from your phone, do it without any fear and you will see how simple it is. As well as creating panoramic photos for your Instagram account and in this way you already know how to uninstall the Instagram beta on your cell phone.

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