How to Use and Save Effects with Instagram Reels

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Instagram Reels has become a sensation in recent months. And of course you certainly don’t want to be left behind with the wonderful effects it brings to you. It is for this reason that in this article you will learn how to use and save the effects with Instagram Reels . Easy, and in a couple of steps the effects will be stored in your account, ready to use them and become the star of Instagram.

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  1. What effects are the most used to make Reels?
    1. Virals
    2. Of beauty
    3. In comedy
  2. How to use and save Instagram filters to use in Reels?
    1. With Android
    2. From iPhone
  3. How to use the audio of another Reel in yours?
  4. What are the ways to make your videos in Reels?
    1. Doing different takes
    2. With hands-free

What effects are the most used to make Reels?

In general, the most used effects in this social network are transition effects . Instagram has in this category three essential effects that will make your Reels the most fun on the platform. The first is the Warp effect, this makes a sweeping sensation to any movement you make. This is definitely a user favorite.

There is also the Zoom effect , just by touching the screen, this effect will be applied at the point you want. In the same way, the spin effect, which just by turning your head to the side makes the swirl effect in the transition.


One of the most viral Instagram filters this year has been the angels on the cheek filter This filter is responsible for making your cheeks flushed and positions two angels on them. You can find it as Heaven, and this one has definitely become a favorite in recent months.

Another of the most viral filters is the truth or challenge and fast camera effect. This in addition to creating a freshness on your face can allow you to have fun with a couple of friends. Since it brings you questions and challenges that you must meet throughout the recording of the reels.

Of beauty

Freckles effect , this undoubtedly adds a plus to your face. And if you have always wanted to know how you would look with freckles, you have reached the ideal filter. It is also capable of giving your face the effect of flushed cheeks, they change the color of your eyes and you can even determine the number of freckles you want to have from here.

In comedy

Without a doubt, the coffin filter takes the throne in this category. This consists of four people dancing while carrying a coffin on their shoulders, and you can place your face on any of the dancers. And if you add the song Astronomy by Vicentony to this you will definitely have a very funny reels.

How to use and save Instagram filters to use in Reels?

Now you will not only be able to use Instagram filters, but you will also have the option to store them in your account. This in order to just click on them at any time you want to put it into action, without requiring an annoying search.

With Android

In the first instance, it is necessary that you access your Instagram account from its official page or app.

Now it’s time to find the reels with the effect you want to use, click on the filter name and select the option ‘Use effect’. To save it, click on the arrow icon right next to the effect name. In the option save effect. And to finish if you want to record your reels with this effect, press the button that is right, in the middle of the screen. Once the process is finished, select the white arrow to save it in your gallery, publish it on your profile or leave the reels as a draft.

From iPhone

This is a process quite similar to that of Android, you must access the profile of the user that has the effect you want to use on your reels and select the test option. This in order that before storing it you can show how your next video will look. Happy with the result, he agrees to select the save section. And voila, at the start of your account by pressing the camera icon you will get all of each of the effects that you previously saved in your account. As well as the new effects and the most used currently within this social network.

How to use the audio of another Reel in yours?

Enter in the first instance in the Instagram search engine determined with the magnifying glass icon.

Find the video that contains the audio you want to use and click on it. Below the video description is the name of the audio, click on the name and click on the option use audio if you want to put your next reels into practice at the moment. If you save it, you must select the three white dots located at the bottom of the screen. There press the save option, then you can find it in the saved section and later you can use the audio without any problem.

What are the ways to make your videos in Reels?

The advantages of Reels on Instagram is that they do not have a monotonous system. If not, thanks to each of the updates, it gradually adapts to the user’s requirements. That is why it brings you different ways in which you can make your reels, which also allow your profile to have more variety and style when creating your feed.

Doing different takes

This is one of the main differences between Instagram stories, and that is that in the latter you must record all your clips on the same line and at the same time. While reels allow you to record different clips and fragments that can create a single small video of approximately 15 seconds.

The procedure is quite simple, first you must start recording a clip by  pressing the recording circle, release it when you think it is necessary and press it again for the next take. At the end of the Reels, each of the previously recorded fragments is shown.

With hands-free

And if it bothers you to press the button, the handsfree have arrived to save you . In hands-free mode, it is only necessary to touch the button once to start recording and once to stop recording. This is quite a bold way to record thanks to its ease of startup.

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