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We also often deal with offers and flyers on our pages ; this type of content also includes GearBest coupons and discount codes . In fact, the popular Chinese store that also ships Italy prefers to use this promotional form to attract potential new customers to their pages.

Usually with these discount coupons , GearBest is able to offer rather competitive prices even on products of a certain level such as top-of-the-range smartphones , notebooks, 2-in-1 tablets, smart gadgets of all kinds, drones and much more. In fact, the store’s catalog is quite large.

Although the GearBest site does not differ too much from that of any other online store, especially if you consider the launch of the Italian store, unfortunately, using the discount codes available online is not so intuitive.


GearBest has opened its Italian store

For this we have dedicated this simple guide where we explain step by step how to use coupons on GearBest and snatch the best possible price. In this regard, we remind you to keep an eye on our page dedicated to offers where you can, of course, also consult those relating to GearBest .

How to use GearBest discount codes | Procedure 2017

If it is true that at a first approach using GearBest coupons may not be the most immediate thing in the world, it is also true that once you understand the steps to follow to do it, it really becomes very simple. Let’s see how to do it.

Let’s start by saying that coupons are usually linked to a specific product so you can only use it on this to get the discount price , also usually indicated together with the link to the product. To use the voucher you will therefore need, in addition to the code, the link to the relevant product.

Once in possession of these data you just need to go to GearBest , set the currency in euro (at the top right click on “Ship to” (“Send to”) and put “Italy” and “EUR”) and log in ( if you are not registered please do so).

At this point open the link of the product linked to the coupon and add it to the cart with the “Add to Cart” button, not “Buy now”.

Note: sometimes the products in promotion are those that come from a specific warehouse (eg HK, EU …) so make sure before adding it to your cart that you have selected it correctly.


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Well the product is now in the cart . To make things easier, it is a good idea to keep only the product to which you want to apply the coupon in the cart . Then go to the cart screen (just click on the icon at the top right), and click on “Proceed to checkout” without pressing the PayPal button. You can choose this method even after applying the coupon.

Copy the discount code and, on the next screen, paste it in the “Promotion Code” text box, then click on “Apply” and check that the coupon discount has been subtracted from the cart total . In case of positive feedback, you can possibly proceed with the purchase . Below is a step-by-step visual guide.

Use coupons after purchase (72 hours)

Did you know that you can take advantage of GearBest discounts even afterwards? In fact, the store offers a policy that provides for the refund of the difference if the product you have purchased drops in price, either for a flash offer or for a coupon, within 72 hours after the purchase. Once you have identified the discount, simply contact customer support to receive a refund equal to the difference between what you have spent and the most recent discounted price.

What if the GearBest coupon doesn’t work?

If you have followed the procedure indicated in the previous paragraph but when you press “Apply” you have not obtained the indicated discount or even the price has gone up, something did not work with the coupon. The most common case (watch the product tick in the cart) is that the pieces in promotion are finished or that the discount code has expired .

In fact, the coupons that usually run online are not infinite and indeed stop working within a few hours . Furthermore, applying an expired discount code will eliminate any flash offers in progress from the cart, thus leading to a higher price than the one seen at the time of adding to the cart.

In this case you can do little but try to grab a new discount code which, at least on the most popular products, are renewed quite frequently.

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