How to use Google’s scientific calculator

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With quick answers to math equations directly from the search box; learn how to use Google’s scientific calculator.

A function that can be used directly by Google’s search box allows any user to have access to a scientific calculator. In this way, all kinds of conversions or mathematical equations, from the simplest to the most complex, can be done using the internet. Check out how to use Google’s scientific calculator .

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It is possible to use a scientific calculator directly from Google (Image: Unsplash / Anoushka P)

Accessing Google’s Scientific Calculator

Google allows two ways for the user to access the scientific calculator, both through the internet browser.

Type the word “ Calculator ” into the search part of Google;

Directly type the math equation you want to solve into the search part of Google.

The types of calculations that can be made, according to the company, are:



Value of physical constants;

Base conversion and representative conversion.

Google’s Scientific Calculator (Image: Reproduction)

Some of the basic functions that can be used with Google’s scientific calculator are:

Rad / Deg: The extent to which its functions will be performed;

Inv: Defines the inverse function;

sin: Calculates the sine of the displayed number;

In: Calculates the natural logarithm;

π: Calculates the number Pi;

cos: Calculates the cosine of the displayed number;

log: Calculates the common logarithm;

e: Represents exponential function;

tan: Calculates the tangent of the displayed number;

√: Calculates the square root;

  • Ans:Memorization of the last entered value;
  • EXP:It is the key that allows the entry of numbers in scientific notation;
  • Xy:Calculates X to the Y power.

Equation Graphs

In addition to Google’s scientific calculator, the platform offered also allows users to create more complex equations by simply typing functions in the search box itself. The website suggests to use comma if you want to represent more than one function together. In addition, you can explore the desired function in greater detail with zoom and panning.

The types of functions that can be graphed are:

  • Trigonometrics;
  • Exponentials;
  • Logarithmic;
  • 3D graphics (WebGL compatible browsers only).

Uses for the calculator

There are various functions for using a calculator of this type. Right off the bat, any basic form of counting such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication can be performed. Square root calculation, power of exponent, order of operations, etc.

More experienced people can take advantage of data such as logarithms, tangent functions and even scientific notations that are used to reduce the writing of numbers that have many digits.

Google’s Scientific Calculator offers the user a simple and straightforward way to use without the high cost of physical calculators. User can use it from any internet browser. Have you already made use of this function? Tell us if you were satisfied.

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