How to use Whatsapp Web without a phone (Easy Guide )


Whatsapp, which has become the main messaging application for its many useful functions. With over 1 billion users has continues to improve to offer people the best interface and the best communication system.

One of its best features, without a doubt, is the function of being able to use WhatsApp on the PC, without the need to use a mobile phone. Since many people work on a computer and can’t keep an eye on the phone all day, having WhatsApp on the PC is a great way to stay connected to the world.

Can you use Whatsapp Web without phone and internet?

For now, it is essential that the phone is turned on and with an Internet connection so that the WhatsApp web can work; However, a new beta version is being developed where we will see new features, such as saving the profile image, adding alerts and a cross-platform system that allows us to have our account on more than one device and use the application without Internet access.

This means that there may be the possibility of using WhatsApp Web without the need to turn on our phone and without an Internet connection; unfortunately, we will have to wait a bit to see the final phase of this update.

How to use Whatsapp Web without a phone?

The easiest and most known way to use Whatsapp without a phone is via Whatsapp Web, in it you only have to access and scan a QR code with your mobile phone and once done, a copy will be created on your computer of WhatsApp, so you can use the app without a phone.

We will need the device only once to log in. After that, we can access Whatsapp Web and use the application without the need to use the phone.

Log in to Whatsapp Web

The first thing you need is your mobile device and a PC. You will need to open your favorite browser and write Whatsapp Web. The next thing will be to go to the application from your phone and press the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and select the Whatsapp web option.

At this point, you have to press the cross in the upper right corner and the camera will open and in the end, we will have to scan the QR code that appears on the WhatsApp page.

When you scan the code, all your chats will appear on the computer screen and you can use WhatsApp as if you were on your mobile phone. Whatsapp Web works in exactly the same way and you can send images, videos, and view statuses, as well as edit your profile picture and information.

It is important to say that the version web of WhatsApp does not save the information or chat contact, is simply a reflection of what is happening on our phone, which is where all the information is stored. Once the session is closed on the web, there will be no more recordings of the conversations, much less.

Applications to use Whatsapp without a phone

Despite this, there are several alternatives to be able to use WhatsApp without a phone; understand only that WhatsApp and not WhatsApp web.

For this, we will have to download an application on our PC called Memu, which is an Android simulator.

Once downloaded and installed, we will have to download and configure the Play Store and then download WhatsApp.

The next and final step will be to download an application called TextPlus which simulates a phone number. We will have to configure it to have a number and when we are done we can configure WhatsApp with the number we have just simulated.

This way you can use Whatsapp Web without a phone without having to have a mobile device easily and quickly.

The great advantage of using Whatsapp Web is that you can work from your computer and at the same time chat with your contacts, without the need to control the phone, thus saving a lot of useful time.

Another important factor is the fact that it is possible to save a lot of battery on the mobile phone since it will not be necessary to unlock the phone and the energy is not consumed by the use of the data required by WhatsApp. However, the big disadvantage is that this function cannot be used if the mobile phone is not turned on and with a percentage of less than 20% of the battery.

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