How to watch football live on smartphone? Best Football Streaming Apps

How to watch football live on a mobile phone? The 7 Best Football Streaming Apps

How to watch football live on a mobile phone? The 7 Best Football Streaming Apps

With the 2022-2023 football leagues starting August, fans are already making plans on how they will watch the games. No one would like to miss a game where the favorite team is playing. Given that the matches will be on for the next nine or so months, there are times when circumstances may not permit us to be at home, club, or a place where we can watch.


Sometimes we will be required to make some special arrangements to watch the games. Luckily, with technological advancement, we have streaming services where we can watch football right from mobile devices. With the streaming services, we can watch football from a variety of devices, all that we need is a device that is internet enabled gadget and be at a place where there is a signal. And it is not just live events that we get to enjoy from the football streaming services, we can also get the latest news.

Premier League fans will also be happy to note that apart from the best UK betting apps, they can also get the latest updates from the football streaming apps. All that one has to do is identify the streaming app which provides the best features. Here, we will explore the best football streaming apps, allowing football fans to enjoy the matches wherever they are and even get an opportunity to record for future viewing.


For those who would want to watch for free, Mobdro is a fantastic sports streaming app. With its widely available streaming services, football fans can initiate the app just with a simple search over the internet. Whether you are using Windows, Mac, or Android you will get the app as it is compatible with all these operating systems.

And it is not just a live capability that is available, with its interesting features such as bookmarking, you can highlight your favorite games and get to watch them at a later date. So, if you find a given football match so entertaining or you could not watch it up to the end due to some reason, you can bookmark and revisit it at a later time. The streaming app has a massive database allowing storage of a huge number of videos, this means that all the action that was missed or would like to watch again will be available at any time at a touch of a button.

365 scores

If you are looking for content related to your favorite football club, 365 scores provide a variety of sports information. The streaming app provides users with live notifications, highlights, and table standing among other information. The app allows the viewers to view goals right within the first few minutes whenever it happens.

So, if you are in a place where you may not watch the full game, you do not have to miss out on the whole action. 365 Scores allows you to keep tabs on what is happening where. You can watch the goals that have been scored in several games that are happening simultaneously. It also allows the users to customize the notifications such that all their favorite sports platforms are brought together in one place. With 365 Scores, you cannot miss the updates, it provides live tables with football news being updated immediately.

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Yip TV

According to the reviews that are available on the internet, users who have selected this streaming app, praise it as an alternative to cable companies that give trouble. The app which is available for free and subscription offers the following:

  • Quality football content
  • More than one hundred live channels
  • Latest sports news
  • And for those who want more, with a monthly subscription, premium content is available.

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Described as the leading sports broadcaster, the service is watched by a hundred million viewers every day. With its stable channels, football fans should not miss a match regardless of where it is happening in the world. However, to watch some, you will need to get a premium subscription.

How to watch football live on a mobile phone? The 7 Best Football Streaming Apps

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La Liga TV

If you are a fan of women’s football, this is an app that has taken care of your interests. Available on both iOS and Android platforms the streaming app provides easy access to all La Liga matches. Like other apps, you can save a video to watch later at your convenient time. The application is available for free and users do not need a large memory space to install it on their devices.

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The supersport streaming app allows users to access live football among other sporting events. Apart from offering live events, it also allows users to access group chats, live commentary, and online game chats. If you cannot watch the whole game, you have an opportunity to get instant updates on ongoing events. Also, you will get a notification for the upcoming matches.

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Apart from its streaming services, the app will provide information on matches that you are not able to watch live. You can also follow with live-based commentaries providing essential updates.

As the 2022-2023 season kicks off, ensure you have one of these streaming apps so that you do not miss an action. In case you are in a position to watch a live match, these apps allow you to bookmark and watch at your convenience.

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