How Water Resistance Tester app works

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The Android Water Resistance Tester application from developer Ray W allows to test the tightness of the joints of our device, whether it is a phone or a tablet, using the barometer inside it.

Usually, water and technological devices do not mix. I think everyone has at least one story where their phone spent the night in a rice bath in a desperate rescue attempt.

Fortunately, several recent devices have IP67 or IP68 seals that protect them from liquids to a certain depth.

On the other hand, it is still necessary that these joints are in good condition and after a few years of using our phone or our tablet, it is not a certainty.

This is where the Android Water Resistance Tester app can really help us and reassure us that our devices are waterproof. After all, an accident happens so quickly!

An overview of the Water Resistance Tester app, which gives us a diagnosis in seconds.

Simply press to know the result

The Water Resistance Tester application is really easy to use, but to do so, it is based on the internal barometer of our phone or tablet. If our gadget does not have one, it will unfortunately not be compatible.

Basically, the barometer is a pressure sensor. This is what determines whether the protective seals are in good condition, and therefore whether they will indeed prevent water from entering the interior of our phone.

In short, after downloading the application, we have only one thing to do: press firmly on our screen when requested, exactly at the height of the fingerprints displayed on the screen.

The figures are displayed immediately after the variations exerted on the pressure and a result is given to us in the following seconds.

Obviously, we don’t suggest tossing your phone into the water after a positive diagnosis, but despite everything, the app gets good ratings and reviews on the Google Play Store, which is a pretty good sign.

Water Resistance Tester is available on the Google Play Store for download, and it’s 100% free as long as you accept the few small ads there.

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