Huawei Unveils IntelligentRAN, an innovative wireless network architecture

Huawei Releases Intelligentran, Next-Generation Wireless Network Architecture

Huawei Releases Intelligentran, Next-Generation Wireless Network Architecture

Huawei held a wireless innovative product and solution conference and MWC2022 pre-communication meeting on the 22nd, and proposed the wireless network architecture IntelligentRAN .

Gan Bin, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei Wireless Network, said that IntelligentRAN integrates intelligence into the business, experience, and operation and maintenance of wireless networks, and realizes a self-intelligent network with intelligent business operation, intelligent network optimization, and intelligent operation and maintenance.

We learned that Gan Bin pointed out at the press conference that the development of intelligent technology can support the correlation analysis, intelligent prediction and intelligent decision-making of wireless network big data. At the same time, Gan Bin announced a series of key technologies of IntelligentRAN, which is carried by ADN in the wireless network.

 Huawei Gan Bin released IntelligentRAN, an innovative wireless network architecture

  • First, IntelligentRAN will realize the intelligence of the air interface of the base station, and realize the intelligent configuration of air interface resources through technologies such as intelligent grid, scheduling dictionary, channel map, etc., to achieve the optimal experience and capacity. At the same time, IntelligentRAN will also perform non-real-time frequency band and channel selection from the network side based on service prediction, and perform real-time symbol scheduling and transmit power configuration from the site side, so as to achieve significant energy saving on the basis of optimal experience.

  • At the same time, IntelligentRAN can implement intelligent SLA site planning, meet new services only through dynamic parameter configuration, and ensure experience consistency by adjusting dynamic parameter models in the future.

  • In network operation and maintenance, IntelligentRAN realizes accurate fault identification and root cause analysis through self-learning of fault characteristics, changing passive response to active maintenance. At the same time, the combination of intelligent MDT (minimized drive test) and M-MIMO builds a three-dimensional high-precision network performance map, which more accurately guides network planning, optimization, and VIP user protection.

  • In the future, IntelligentRAN will also use intelligent collaborative power control to reduce the intensity of electromagnetic radiation under the optimal conditions of multi-frequency performance to meet the power restrictions of some countries.



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