Intel Graphics apologizes for not providing driver for “Eldon Ring”

Intel Apologizes For Failing To Release The Graphics Driver For

Intel Apologizes For Failing To Release The Graphics Driver For

Intel apologizes for failing to release the graphics driver for “Eldon Ring” as scheduled, and is still addressing compatibility issues.

As early as February 18, Intel stated that it would cooperate with Bandai to release the latest graphics driver to provide support when “Ayrden Ring” was released. Then, after the game was released, Intel’s driver did not arrive as expected.

Today, Intel officially apologized:

We apologise for the delay in providing driver updates for Ayrdon Ring. We’ve discovered a recent incompatibility issue in the game and we’re working with the developers to resolve it.

Boldtechinfo has reported that on February 15, NVIDIA released the Game Ready 511.79 WHQL driver, which provides support for games such as “Ayrden’s Circle” and “Total War: Warhammer 3”. On February 24th, AMD released a driver update for Adrenaline 22.2.3, which supports Ayrden Circle.

Foreign media believe that Intel’s ability to release frequent updates for new games is worrying. Next month, Intel’s own ARC discrete graphics cards will be available, and providing timely driver optimization for games will be a factor that cannot be ignored.


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