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It is important to keep your children safe, although we know that technology has advanced a lot today and that many children and young people already prefer to sit in front of a computer instead of playing hide and seek. Here you will discover everything about the safest social networks for children and young people .

Of course, the fact that a child gains access to the Internet and the social networks that are used today can carry great risks, and we do not want their integrity to be compromised. Here you can find a list that we have prepared with the five safest social networks for the little ones. Here we also highlight the risks associated with your children’s access to conventional platforms .

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The 5 safest social networks for children

It may not be a wise decision to let the youngest members of the household gain access to social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, where personal information is shared and any anonymous person can also reach them with a simple instant message.

Well, as we have said many times in various articles, the dark side of the internet has been exposed many times. Although that does not mean that there are no secure Apps for them, so to avoid the inconvenience, here we have created a small list with the safest social networks on the Internet. It is essential to clarify that adult vigilance never hurts .

1- KidzWorld

If you are looking for a social network designed only for the little ones to make friends online, learn to use networks correctly, but also allow them to publish their own messages, you will probably love KizWorld.

This social network is designed for children from 6 to 12 years old who want to have fun as adults, meet more friends, start conversations with them, share photos and many other things but with adequate security.

This community offers children and young people under 17 the opportunity to register and share content about music, video games, among other hobbies. It has a chat room and a forum so that they can communicate with other users. Of course, the published content is controlled by those responsible for the site.

2- Lego Life

Of course our children love these toys from the popular Danish company. Well, at present Lego is moving into the world of computing and in alliance with Unicef ​​has created its own social network called Lego Life , designed for the smallest of the house, although it can also be used by adults.

This is how you can develop your imagination and you will have fun guaranteed. You will be able to create and share your coolest Lego creations, interacting only with emojis. It is intended for children under the age of 13 and is currently available in a limited number of countries.

Lego Life is a fairly secure social network , since children require their parents’ permission to access it. In addition, it is not necessary to upload any photos to create a profile, although the avatar will consist of Lego figures that may well be personalized.

3- Banana Connection

These is another of the safest social networks for children, it is a great alternative for its safety for both children and adolescents. It has a community oriented to children from 7 to 12 years old where they can interact with other users, only with the permission of their parents. In addition, it should be noted that it is available in two languages, Spanish and English.

This social network reaches children thanks to a little boy named Mateo Echeverri, who asked his parents for permission to create a profile on Facebook and then upon receiving a negative response from his parents, the boy proposed the idea of ​​a network. social for children. .

Banana Connection has its good features: the App is available on both Android and iOS and is designed for parents to monitor their children’s activity on social networks . It does not allow information or content to be collected from others, does not accept identity theft, does not allow the distribution of abusive or violent content, unless it has to do with pornography.

You should know that in this community, children will be able to share and interact with others, including using a profile photo, sharing content or listening to music and watching YouTube videos, all under the supervision of their parents.

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4- Mundo Gaturro and Picapon

Es Mundo Gaturro is one of the games for children that has its own social network called Picapon , where children can have fun and socialize without having access to social networks where their safety is not protected.

This project arose in Argentina but has reached all of Latin America. Picapon is a social network that gives children the option to view and share videos with only children’s content. It will be possible to interact safely with other children, since the posts and comments are previously moderated for the posts .

What fun it is for a child to be able to play and share the best Gaturro content in this safe and fun social network that will provide peace of mind to parents.

5- Messenger Kids

Messenger Kids is one of the safest social networks for children. Another option that is worth considering is the official Facebook App, in this case designed mainly for the little ones in the house. We probably already know how Messenger works, the messaging app of this platform. The application is designed for children only.

Through Messenger Kids, your children can communicate, send photos, GIFs or make video calls. Of course, everything will be supervised by the parents to guarantee the safety and integrity of the family.

Messenger Kids is created for children under 12 years of age . To enter such an app, an account must be created that will be linked to the Facebook of one of the parents, or the child’s guardian for greater protection, as well as to view and navigate the content that their children will see.

Only the parent’s friends will be able to send a request to the child from their account or from the account linked to the child. This factor helps to breathe with more relief, since it prevents children from being contacted by strangers or strangers.

There is a drawback with Messenger Kids and that is that the contents are sent and later adults can see them, which does not fully guarantee that they are used properly, so it is better for parents to help their children with the correct use of this social network.

It should be noted that, unlike the normal version, Facebook ensures that it does not share Messenger Kids information with third parties. This is definitely a relief for parents who do not want to expose their children.

Risks of social networks for minors and how to prevent them

It is known that social networks are attractive to the youngest, but the fact that they use the usual platforms poses a very high risk for the safety of children. Well, while it is true that there are many abusers out there, and since such networks tend to keep many under anonymity or identity theft, it is unfavorable for them to deal with it.

It also happens that every day there is a lot of explicit content not appropriate for minors on social networks. Like the leakage of information to third parties or the location by means of GPS. However, not everything is based on privacy, there are other dangers in social networks such as knowledge of problems, challenges, sextortion, loss of time, cyberbullying, incitement to violence and many others that can be caused by such networks.

Well, in a time when everything is digital, information has power , so these and many other risks are very difficult to prevent. It could be greatly reduced by teaching children to use social media appropriately, although sometimes this is not enough.

It is also very difficult to constantly monitor the accounts, and on several occasions you do not even have absolute parental control over what they do.

Therefore, the best option, by far, is to make children use several of the alternatives that we have mentioned in this post and that allow you to have total control over what they publish and share with their friends on the networks. In addition to selecting who can contact them or not, interaction with outsiders is avoided .

Other options:

  • You should talk to them about the importance of not sharing personal information.
  • Correctly configure the privacy of your children’s account.
  • Use strong passwords.
  • Do not add to strangers or strangers.
  • Limit the usability of social media.
  • Do not send any photos.


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