The Chinese “SIFU (Master)” Game set to be online

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The official Weibo of “SIFU (Master)” stated that the mid-range version was delayed due to various indescribable reasons, and it is expected to be pushed to your game before next Friday. At the same time, the official released a Chinese dubbing clip.

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We had reported that on February 8 this year, the kung fu game “Master” was officially released, landing on Sony PS4, PS5 game consoles and PC platforms. The Epic standard version is priced at 139 yuan.

Currently, this game supports simplified Chinese interface and subtitles, and the recommended configuration is AMD FX-9590 / Intel i7-6700K processor, GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 390 graphics card.

The third-person game tells the story of a young kung fu apprentice who embarks on a path of revenge in search of his family’s killer. He wants to fight with one enemy, he has no friends to rely on, and there are only countless enemies in front of him. He can only rely on his unique mastery of kung fu, and a mysterious pendant, to win and carry on the family legacy.

In the game, players will play different roles, fighting enemies in hidden corners of the city and company buildings. In operation, players can use items as weapons and use the environment to help themselves.


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