Download Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 6 PPSSPP APK

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 6 is the newest and highest game in storm series. The game us of course based on the original manga and anime of Naruto series. This game is the best storm game out there because of its mechanics. The graphics have improved alot as well if you compare it to previous game. Which was Naruto ultimate Ninja storm 4 ppsspp.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm highly compressed for PPSSPP is cheered for its character menu. There you will find all version of all Characters from naruto franchise. Even boruto Characters are available in this one having all variants of version or costume. Each costume or variant have different special attacks and ultimate attacks. Jigen and other new Characters from latest boruto episodes are also included.

New awakening like the newest baryon mode is also in here for naruto to transform. All of the revival jutsu Characters variant are in the game as well. It is released for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox 720, PlayStation Vita and PC via Steam. If you loved the past game which was naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 ppsspp iso. You’ll also love Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 6 PPSSPP texture.

Download Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 6 PPSSPP

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 6 PPSSPP features

  • Now play with a total of four whole ninjas on battlefield at once attacking together and fighting together.
  • The gameplay is focused now more like the past games of the storm video games of naruto out there.
  • Improved graphics which uses unreal engine 4 now to increase the quality and fluidity of the graphics.
  • Now play this amazing high definition ppsspp game into your mobile device like android and IOS.
  • Perform two stage awakening which lets players to transform twice during the battlefield of storm 6 ppsspp.
  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 6 features all kinds of Characters from Naruto to boruto franchise.
  • Amazing features like Team Ultimate Jutsu, New Tournament Environments, Ring Knockout, Team Attack System, Support Life etc.
  • Now the game lets player to have a challenge by playing a 1 versus 3 Characters matches in the game.
  • Story mode being split into three modes covers the whole franchise of Naruto story upto his son boruto’s story.
  • Creation mode lets players to customise their favourite hero from naruto anime or manga like naruto, sasuke, Kakashi.

Gameplay of storm 6 PPSSPP

The gameplay of Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 6 APK obb download is really dope. Now unlike past games where there was only 2 Character at the same time. We can have total of four Characters at the same time fighting like anime episodes. Not only that but there are many new ultimate and team ultimate jutsu. Which can only be perform by having our partner work together with us. The gameplay is much more smoother now in terms of looking and playing.

Character Roster list

The game have such a huge Characters list in game. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 6 ISO have over 250 Characters and 60 dlc Characters. Newest Characters in franchise are also in there. Which includes the special baryon mode of Naruto which naruto transform and lost kurama afterwards. Jigen the new menace in boruto series is also available for players to play. Other than that every single variant of every single character is available now. Seems like this will be the final game in the storm series looking at the Characters list.

Graphics of Naruto Storm 6 PPSSPP

The graphics of Naruto ultimate ninja Storm 6 apk + obb have ultra high definition quality. Which have like 60 fps capped gameplay. There every move feels very real and every action is very smooth and fluid.

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