Netflix Movies: How to download Movies & TV series and watch them offline

13 Best Netflix Alternatives To Stream For Free (2022)

13 Best Netflix Alternatives To Stream For Free (2022)

Netflix users requested the feature to download movies and TV series from the platform so you can enjoy them easily offline.

Netflix replied “present”, although unfortunately, this option is currently only active for mobile devices such as Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

The reason? The priority for Netflix developers was to give subscribers the opportunity to enjoy their content without debugging the cell phone credit, or in the absence of a connection. So let’s see

how to download movies and TV series from Netflix to watch them offline.

Before downloading content from Netflix: some clarifications

Before you can see how to download movies and TV series from Netflix to watch them offline, you need to make some pretexts. First of all, not all the platform catalog allows this operation: on the contrary, there is only one special section containing the films and videos that you can download and watch on your device without internet connection. Not bad, because the aforementioned catalog contains many of the original Netflix content that – as you surely know – represent the top of the offer of this video streaming platform. Moreover, this catalog often changes, to vary the contents with fresh goods, and to avoid that you will ever get bored.

How to download movies and TV series from Netflix to watch them offline?

In reality, the operation is incredibly simple.

The first thing you need to do is install the latest version of Netflix on your device, to make sure that this option is present and active: if this version is not yet available on the iOS and Android markets, you could download the .APK file directly from the web. In this case, however, always pay attention to the reliability of the source, if you do not want to jeopardize the security of your device.

Without this, there is nothing left to do but launch the app and select the item “Find something to download“: alternatively, if you want to view the complete list of video content downloadable from Netflix, you can do it by going to the menu and selecting the item “Available for download“.

Download Netflix content: download settings

Before you can download your favorite movies , stop for a moment and try to explore all the options available to you. One of the most interesting is the ability to download movies and TV series from Netflix only in the presence of Wi-Fi: ideal to prevent Netflix can connect with you when you are connected to the connection of your network provider. In addition, you can also set the quality of the download, choosing between standard and high.

If you have problems with memory space, the standard option is the best way to save GB and to still enjoy a respectable content. If instead you want to squeeze the most out of Netflix, with the “high” option you will get one better, but heavier version of the video. Finally, it is good that you know that by keeping the app open, it will be the same Netflix to inform you with a pop up every time you insert a new content in its download list. All you have to do is click on the appropriate button to download the movie or TV series, and to enjoy it by accessing the “My downloads” folder.

When you have finished with the vision, you can also delete a movie or decide to clean up, deleting all the files downloaded from Netflix, simply by clicking on “Settings App” and then on “Delete all downloads”. As we had anticipated from the beginning, downloading movies and TV series from Netflix is a simple and immediate operation: what are you waiting for? Run immediately to install the new version of the Netflix app and download your favorite video content to watch them offline!


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