Nubia Red Magic Backpack features and price

The Official Nubia Red Magic Backpack has an ergonomic design with a weight distribution system that removes strain on your spine, spleen, and waist. Fully combined with ergonomics, the more compliant S-type strap design can fully relieve shoulder pressure. A high-strength, breathable elastic pad on the back reduces back fatigue while reducing back temperature.


Red Magic Backpack is with the design of waterproof canvas material and closed-loop zipper.


Nubia Red Magic Backpack is Diamond-shaped Three-dimensional with the stiff silhouette, simple and cool design, stylish cold gray, will attract your attention at first sight.


Built-in independent padding for easy carrying of 14-inch laptop and tablet. There are a few pockets so that the water cup, mobile phone, mobile power, keys and documents are placed properly.

More features

  • Diamond-shaped three-dimensional design, simple and stylish.
  • Two-way anti-slip zipper, hidden cart belt.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • External audio or USB charging port.
  • Made of high quality waterproof material.


Price: Red Magic Backpack price, $42.99, you can convert it from USD to your country currency to know the equivalent price.

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